Varnish for wood flooring and stairs.

Varnish for wood flooring and stairs, water-based.

Wooden stair treads most susceptible intensive load. It is the ladder most quickly lose their initial appearance after a few years of operation. There are several ways to use parquet lacquer as a coating for wooden stair steps , which allows for a long time not to worry about repairs or restoration topcoat stairs.

Consider the option number 1 . This is more appropriate for those owners of multi-storey apartment , who prefer varnish. We will use the систему Trae-Luxury , consisting of at least three layers of coating.

Акриловый лак для паркета и лестниц

Easy for ladders on the water poliuretanovoj basis Trae Lyx Projectlack

Wooden stairs can be either from a new timber , and previously treated.

If steps are old paint , then it must be oshkurit , remove as much as possible . Sanded wood should always be parallel to the grain , in which case the sandpaper , even if they are scratches on the tree , they are still not visible . So , wooden surface is ready for the first coat system for parquet lacquers Trae-Lyx. Please do not forget , that the pores of the wood open during grinding and in this state are about 30 minute. This is the time of the open pores of the tree is beneficial to the perception of the treated wood varnish , Wood takes a product applied as much , how much is necessary. As the first layer apply Trae-Lyx ground . Ground for a tree can be applied by roller velor , which is designed specifically for the application of water paints.

Some suitable use is often asked , why do you need to do before applying primer paint for wood flooring? Give an answer:

– firstly , creates adhesion next lacquer with wooden base ;

– secondly , ground has a very large dry residue ( order 42 % , for aquatic products) and it fills the pores , cracks in wood , slits , which occasionally appear between the individual strips of wood. I want to note , that not every soil has the ability to fill , как Trae-Luxury грунт , this should give due.

– thirdly , soil isolates the wood surface from contact with the lacquer layer. This is one of the most important properties . Some wood species contain a variety of chemicals , that can negatively affect the net result varnish , that is, the final coating of varnish may appear some red spots , if not to make the primer.

Now you can see for yourself , what makes the most sense primer.

So , soil dries out about 2-3 hours at + 20.

After drying on a wooden surface is slightly higher pile. It must proshkurit sanded with grain 180-220. Soil has a high gloss , so it will be clearly seen , in what place you missed and did not grind primed surface.

After this intermediate sanding, wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

лак для паркета и лестниц trae lyx

Varnish for wood flooring and stairs, water-based, odorless.

Apply the varnish for parquet:

Now proceed directly to the Coating. For this we use a two-component varnish Trae-Lyx for special steps. As the mixture of lacquer and hardener lives near 2 hours , need to mix so much , how you can use for this time. We presume , that consumption is about paint 12 m ² per liter . The mixture was kneaded , waiting 10 minute , The mixture was stirred again . You can now begin the process of painting. For this purpose we use again velor roller , Catan varnish with the grain.

Nail also dries approximately 2-3 o'clock . After this period of time, you can do it again intermediate sanding , but sandpaper is necessary to take a more fine-grained , 240-320.

Apply the second coat of varnish parquet. The number of layers can be more , than two.

But two - a minimum.

After , you have made the final finishing coat of varnish , easy to use, you can begin , ie. take the stairs in socks , shoeless , after 8 hours. Complete hardening occurs during 7 days.

Yes , More time , parquet lacquer can be with a matte or satin sheen. – He has the same matte , when viewed from different distances and at any angle , gloss does not change . For many connoisseurs of beauty of natural wood is important argument for choosing hardwood varnish , especially , if the room is large.

Lacquer coating Trae-Lyx gains for the period 7 days of his uncommon strength. And then do not be afraid your steps , they can be used to walk in heels , coverage is not afraid of hot water ( 3 o'clock) , various chemicals , fault , спирта , extremely resistant to abrasion by dust and sand is still a lot of advantages , more information can be found in a special каталоге Trae-Luxury coatings.

водный лак для паркета и лестниц без запаха

Shiny parquet lacquer and ladders, water-based and odorless.

Interesting information can be found in section new parquet oils or Article “Oil stairs”.

It's certainly not all options varnishing stairs. Very often used resistant polyurethane lacquers for this type of work. They are a bit longer and a bit dry “pritenyayut” natural wood color, but such polyurethane parquet lacquers slightly cheaper and have excellent wear characteristics.

Interestingly looks staircase, Painted by the combined method: rung of the ladder of ash covered the stain first and then modified polyurethane varnish, подступни  в этом случае были из фанеры , veneer ash veneer and then painted them white Dutch paint Sigma Amarol Triol, which can be applied without primer.

деревянная лестница из ясеня покрашена морилкой, полиуретаовым лаком и краской sigma

The overall appearance of the finished stairs, it seems to me, very well:

расивая лестницыпокрашена комбинированно: краской и лаком

A striking example is the pore-filling polyurethane varnish Avis PU-Siegel. Кроме пригодности для покрытия ступеней лестницы  паркета, he still intended for use on wood facade.

But back to lestitse. Here is an example looks like oak staircase, pokrytaâ poliuretanovym easy Avis PU-Siegel :

Алкидный лак для лестницы Avis PU-Siegel

Oak staircase, cover – Armband easy Avis PU-Siegel

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  1. tomi
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    Как быстро темнеет лак на лестнице и как сильно?


    • September 9, 2015 at 04:44

      Good day,
      Несколько темнеют, а правильнее сказать желтеют все алкидные лаки для лестниц, скорость зависит от освещенности, в ярком месте это будет происходить медленнее.
      Водные лаки не темнеют, возможно потемнение самой древесины под б/ц лаком.

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