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Water stain for wood : parquet, Furniture

Stain Wood : as tint (starve) timber.

If your flooring or natural floor boards or furniture has a natural color, and you have a desire to change the existing shade , This can be done using color tinting, example CLOU or TRAE LYX-. Similar toning (changing the color of the wood) money is nothing, as mordant for wood.


Порошковая водоразбавляемая морилка для дерева

Stain Wood. Applying water stains CLOU, Germany.

Preparation of the tree to toning.

Timber should be no cover. If this is a new board , fine . If the tree has been previously handled something , then you need to completely remove the old paint to wood.

Before applying the stain sanded wood grain sandpaper number 180-230. During the 30 minutes after sanding wood has open pores , which closes again after half an hour , tree “breathing”.

Choosing Stains for wood: training.

We take, for example, powder, water-borne stain CLOU, the instructions prepared color solution ( by mixing the powder with hot water + two minutes to mix , stain is ready for use). Proshkurili wood along the grain . Wood surface to dampen some water ( sponge or cloth) , then along the grain proshkurit , take quality brush , for example “Oval brush bristles with Chinese” ,

Кисть овальная для морилки, масла с воском, мебельного лака

Brush Oval stain, oil wax, furniture polish

plot the stain with a brush on the wood along the grain abundantly,

You can watch the video :

how to work with their hands stained. 

Stain wood should be easy to go and exactly , no spots ( is the result of pre-moistened wood).

Морилка для дерева на водной основе.

Water stain on an oak.

If desired, after a certain time to pay a 2nd coat stain. CLOU stain mixed together . So , for example , You can get a trendy color “wenge stain” , by mixing stain CLOU 168 + морилка CLOU 174 in proportion 1:1 , Only the original color is wenge. If you like white shade, it is possible to apply the so-called “beluю morilku”( about this in another article).

Stain is very solidly composition , smallest grinding pigments , so if there is no toning spots , stain without difficulty through all channels and wood fibers, has the effect of , as if the wood in this color rose from nature , supposedly received the tone has a natural basis for proceeding.

In diluted form powder stain wood CLOU has a long shelf life , not damaged. Board , treated stain CLOU , after drying can be treated or painted , TRAE-LUX например или AVIS , but you can oil (Golden Veyf) or butter with hard wax ( Trae-Lux) , or just wax Golden Veyf.

Another article described in detail: how to apply

oil for parquet , or White Oil.

Any covering on the top of the tree or Stain CLOU морилке Trae Luxury will hold well with excellent adhesion.


Водная морилка для дерева Trae Ly

Water stain wood Trae Lyx