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How to paint a wooden floor in a private house

What color wood floor

in a private home.

Let's, talk on the subject, чем же все-таки и как  покрасить деревянный пол?Lacquer or wax oil?

Suppose, в Вашем доме изготовлены полы из натуральной доски пола из сосны или дуба.

This is an old board, which was covered by some type of enamel or lacquer PF, but the cover eventually fell into disrepair, имеет потертый вид и покрытие местами протерлось до дерева.   От одной мысли, что этот старый деревянный пол можно только опять  покрасить краской коричневого цвета мурашки бегут по спине. A completely change the floor board to the new is not comparable to your financial plans, по крайней мере на сегодня.

Do not panic, there is a great option for your case.

Now, let's detail at this point stop.  Сначала необходимо определить, what material was made your wood floor. Обычно доску пола изготавливали из сосны, реже из дуба.

Properly think, must completely remove the old paint, ie scrape.

At this point we will not linger , move on. Here the surface of the board ottsiklevana , has a natural look.  Вдруг вы определяете , что доска пола изготовлена из сосны. 

Сосновая доска пола перед покраской

Pine wood floor.

Pine, known, softwood and under certain load changes the geometrical parameters.

Well, suppose, Do you like, to floor board was lacquered .

You have good taste, да не всяким  лаком можно покрывать сосновый деревянный пол. And here's the thing. Traditional parquet lacquer is not suitable for handling the floor boards of softwood , because parquet lacquer creates a solid film, and pine - soft wood. Under load, eg heels shoes, pine board flex, compressed, formed on the surface of the board dent. A parquet lacquer - the material is hard and does not have the elasticity , that together with the pine board to change its geometry and repeat profile dents on board. First, in this place there is a small crack, invisible to your look, then it begins to crack constantly splashing ( time to wash the floor), begin the destructive processes seem such a beautiful lacquer floor, which seems to be not so long ago was polakirovan. And in the end, climb round coverage beginning.

Поэтому  покрывать деревянный пол из мягких пород древесины обычным паркетным лаком нельзя!For this floor boards should be used to paint just this purpose, «Для мягкой древесины» или «для доски пола».  Вот , for example , see photos.

Лак для деревянного пола TRAE LYX

Nail pine floorboards

On the original packaging with the varnish must be necessarily specified, that the paint used for such surfaces of soft wood. In this case, floor board , the uncovered "nail the floor boards" will be a very long time to keep a seal coat. Nail soft wood has excellent flexibility and strong property with wood under load applied geometry wooden surface. And pine board of which will make your wood floor, treated with varnish for softwood, not inferior in performance to wear surface which is made of solid wood. Just for each wood product should be used for other purposes, as the saying goes, "the doctor ordered". It is not just , such as manufacturer of parquet lacquer TRAE-LYX in Holland invented separately parquet lacquer ( this is for solid wood ) and separate nail flooring ( this is for soft wood). And in the case of a parquet lacquer necessarily used as the first layer of soil is , and after the deal 2 varnish layer. We spoke about it in another article “Varnish for stairs”. And in the case of painting the floor boards of soft wood should be applied three coats of varnish to the floor boards directly on the tree , without primer. So you see , Even Coating technology depends on , of every tree of your floor is made.

So , our wooden floor of pine floor board plot the three layers TRAE – LYX BODEN LAK.

The result is a beautiful wood floor .

Let us choose the nail flooring softwood from a wider range. So, for example, TRAE-LYX nail softwood is an aqueous acrylic-polyurethane. Especially its composition as applied guarantee maximum environmental friendliness, the speed and performance of the total volume of paint work, the absolute lack of smell, perfect transparency and , as our main goal, длинный срок эксплуатации деревянной доски пола при максимально интенсивной нагрузке.  

            Достойной альтернативой при выборе лака для напольного покрытия из мягкой древесины ( pine, fires and others) can be called lacquer Sigmavar c2 SIGMAVAR S2U. Unlike TRAE-LYX varnish Sigmavar c2 is a urethane modified alkyd based. A distinctive feature of Sigmavar c2 from conventional urethane alkyd varnish is its enormous resistance to mechanical stress. It is more robust and less sensitive to shocks, more resistant to scratches and abrasion, than ordinary urethane alkyd varnish. I specify , Sigmavar c2 that has a specific purpose - for finishing wood surfaces, exposed to mechanical stress active indoors. Also in contrast to the conventional urethane alkyd varnish Sigmavar c2 does not cause yellowing of wood, maintaining almost natural color of the wood.

In comparison with Trae Suite varnish Sigmavar c2 has a longer drying ( 24 hours between coats), therefore, to perform a full system varnishing Sigmavar c2 in three layers must be a minimum of three days.

Same , If these two products compared to the presence of odor, Trae Suite - absolutely no odor and the room immediately suitable for use. Sigmavar c2 is of course a faint smell when varnishing. Given The, that drying varnish Sigmavar c2 dust 2 o'clock, within this time and after ventilating felt almost no odor.

Just when choosing a nail floorboards note, that Trae Suite and Sigmavar have a significant difference for the price. If you want to quickly perform work on varnished parquet, ladders or other products made of soft wood and it is in your opinion should be an aqueous varnish, then it Trae Suite. If you have left more time to perform work on varnished wooden surface , this may not necessarily be aqueous varnish and you plan to spend on nail modest amount of money, then use Sigmavar c2. Both of these products are manufactured in the Netherlands, have high performance and well established in the application and operation.

            Позволю себе повторить для Вас полезную информацию , you're welcome, Pay attention to this. If you have decided to apply specifically urethane alkyd varnish for wood flooring, Pay attention to the instructions in the packaging and material. It should be urethane varnish based on modified alkyd, that is, a modified alkyd varnish, который можно использовать внутри жилых помещений.  Посмотрите на фотографию, on the bank is required to have relevant information, for example on the packaging Sigmavar c2 here such an icon - a small house inside arrow, that is, for indoor use.

Этикетка алкидного модифицированого лака Sigmavar S2U

The label on urethane alkyd modifitsirovannomlake Sigmavar S2U

Let's look at another option wood floor finishes. I suggest you handle the floor board of pine oil with hard wax , which , including, intended for the floor boards of softwood . This product TRAE –  LYX HARD WAX PRO MAT . The fact , the oil wax or oil does not create a film , therefore, these products are perfect for processing pine floorboards . Remember , under load soft wood shrinks , dents formed . Oil wax or oil is not just a form films , obluschivatsya nothing !!!

Деревянный пол : Сосновая доска пола.

Dent in the pine floorboards

Even if the wood is subjected to strain , the coating still remains intact. But again , need to face the truth.

Not all products are called wax oil have strong features and truly fulfill its purpose , especially in the case of finishing the floor boards of softwood.

Let's take a closer look at the question of choice oil-wax pine floorboards.

For example, surface pine floorboards kept under light foot traffic, that is, it ,perhaps, Bedroom , library, cabinet. В таких случаях можно применить натуральное масло с твердым воском Голден Вейф – матовое. This product is manufactured according to the recipes of old Scandinavian traditions based on natural oils and natural waxes. Look at photo, как благородно выглядитповерхность покрытой сосновой доски пола этим материалом.

Пол в частном доме легко покрасить не лаком а цветным маслом с твердым воском Golden Wave/

On the floor of pine boards coated with wax color oil

More photos appearance wooden floor made of pine, which is painted with oil wax for wood:

Сосновая доска, деревянный пол покрашен цветным садовым маслом и потом покрыт маслом с твердым воском матовым Golden Wave.

View of pine wood floor under oil with wax.

But, если  все-таки в помещении предполагается интенсивное использование напольного деревянного покрытия, then still it will be better to use an oil-wax line Trae-Suite or naturel Oliya Golden Veyf, which composition comprises a polyurethane additives, cured by UV and has a special meaning resistant to abrasion and abrasion coating. На фото это выглядит так.

Иносостойкое покрытие, не лак для паркета, а масло для дерева: Golden Wave Naturel Olie.

Surface, requiring high wear resistance, Oil painted with polyurethane.

About , how to determine the choice of oil-wax we also said in another article “Oil for stairs”.

Here's a look at the pictures as the board looks different from pine oil , that , in my opinion , can safely be used to trim the floor boards of softwood.


Трае Люкс масло с твердым воском на сосне : деревянный пол или стены.

Butter with wax Trae Lyx satin of the pine wood floors or walls.

Паркетное масло Трае люкс на сосновый деревянный пол или стены

Parquet oil Trae Lyx the pine wood floors or walls.

Масло с твердым воском матовое Трае Люкс на деревянный пол

Matte hard wax oil with Trae Lyx the pine wood floors or walls.


Масло с воском белое Голден Вейв

White oil with wax on the pine

Or here looks like wooden flooring of ash, covered with a durable hard wax oil white Trae Lyx Pro Color:

Белый лак для дерева можно легко заменить на белое масло с воском для пола Trae Lyx Hard wax Pro color.

Paul Ash covered durable white oil with wax Trae Lyx.

By the way , looks like a beautiful white floor , we discussed in another article “How to make a white floor”.

If you want to give the oak wood floor or stairs beautiful antique appearance: You can use Calculator paste.

The photo turned out of the ordinary oak stained oak.

Старинный деревянный пол из дуба

Oak wood floor, aging calc-paste

On the application of calc-paste aging furniture in the style “Provence” we learned about in another article: “Artificial aging…”


So what determines the view topcoat for your flooring , Ask questions , discuss them and work out together.


Your consultant.

Oil for wood stairs

Oil for stairs

Let's talk about , how to determine the choice of natural wood varnish : Oil for stairs. Stair treads are subject to intense stress and so on the steps of coating wears away faster, than on the same landing, or just on the floor in the room. The main abrasive, that first scratch topcoat stair steps, and then sometimes just grind it to zero – this is the most common sand , we together with shoes is brought into the house.

Of course, the most powerful protective coating steps gives special varnish for stairs , we talked about this in another article of varnish stairs .

However, the task of finishing steps for stairs is oil or oil with wax . Lacquer coating is like a little cut eye, want something for the soul. Of course, because varnish creates a film, and the butter or oil - wax film does not create, wood remains as if no cover, however, protected against dirt and the sand and abrasion.

That is an objective truth, nature itself protects the native.

I understand you perfectly, because it is the product, coated with oil or wax looks like that noble breed, there is a sense of natural warmth from nature.

Oil for stairs or oil-wax?

The next step, we must decide, What are we going to use:

oil or a mixture “oil-wax” to tree?

Let's start from the reverse, what we want to get the result.

If it is about the maximum to protect the wood from getting wet, bugs and strengthen timber, in that case you have to use oil. Most oil penetrates deep into the wood, impregnates her and strengthens, it strengthens, as the oil solidifies in the wood. Oil, in turn, differ in their category in the depth of penetration into the wood. And the deeper oil stairs nestles, the greater the flow rate is obtained by 1 square meter of surface. So, например масло GOLDEN WAVE тиковое, Oil is the deep penetration, its consumption is 10 m. with 1 liters and this oil with natural properties can be used to protect, treatment and restoration of wooden terrace and garden furniture. Other oil, for example , TRAE-LYX PARKET OLIE parquet oil has different features and benefits, more this oil we said in the article "a pronounced effect of wood" ,

This oil has a wonderful property for rare oils 100 % solid component, that is, all the oil, you have put on the wooden surface and is absorbed into the tree, hardens and greatly strengthens the wooden surface. Even soft woods, treated in this oil, become hard. In this embodiment, the surface treatment of wood, it can be said, produce a "concrete" and at the same time extraordinarily beautiful , See all photos in the same article.

Natural oil for stairs:

If the task is, to the ladder after finishing oil or oil-wax to preserve the color of natural wood, can in this case be used safely GOLDENWAVE NATURELOLIE (Natural oil). This unsurpassed for its magnificent natural characteristics of the product remains the primary color of natural wood. Natural Oil Golden Veyf has in the additive polyurethane, thus creates a very resistant coating to wear and abrasion, what exactly is required for a foot of stairs. Just natural oil Golden Veyf posing on the machined surface finish light shine, there is a feeling, it lacquer surface, however, in reality it has film, see photos:

Дубовая лестница покрашена не лаком а маслом для дерева Golden Wave.

Balusters, oak staircase, natural oil Golden Wave.

Or here's another picture element of oak stairs, so coated with natural oil:

Ступени лестницы из дуба покрыты не лаком для лестницы а натуральным маслом с полиуретаном Golden Wave.

Oak steps are also not covered by lacquer and natural oil.

Just "natural oil" Golden Veyf has the distinctive feature of the brand's other oils, as they say: "Dries in a brush", it is completely without leaving absolutely no divorce, Borders , transitions, sagging, etc.. Shrouded in normal home or stair baluster natural oil Golden Veyf with a brush has the form, as if this item is painted in a super modern spray booth or using dip. Moreover, Natural oil Golden Veyf absolutely has no odor. When using this natural oil has a nuance, about which we should not forget. If you are not completely used oil from the jar, make sure that, to cap tightly closed jar. If the jar is closed tightly, the residual oil solidifies therein very quickly (possibly per day), because it is a natural oil Golden Veyf cured by exposure to light.

Look at photo, how perfectly preserves the natural color of the oak GOLDENWAVE NATUREL OLIE:

Для покраски лестницы из дуба выбрать не лак а масло для дерева и лестниц.

Oak staircase in a private house covered with natural oil durable Golden Wave Naturel Olie.

Butter with wax for stairs:

If the task is , Steps had to look and chic furniture polish , then you need to apply the oil with hard wax matte or satin . Hard wax in the product, in this case allows the surface to have a polished look. With hard wax oil is also frosted, for example, TRAE-LYX hard wax PRO MAT или бывает с блеском атласа ( satin), например TRAE-LYX hard wax SATIN. Look closely at the photo , where clearly visible difference in gloss.

масло для лестниц: Масло воск Трае Люкс сатин

With hard wax oil for wood flooring and stairs satin Trae Lyx

Слева сатиновое масло-справа матовое масло с воском TRAE LYX

From left to right, satin matte oil-wax oil TRAE LYX

With regard to surface maintenance , обработанной маслом или масло -воском , here you need to use the product TRAE-LYX «care oil- wax " . This wax , which is soluble in water . It is added 40-60 ml 6 liters of water. And this water just washed the floor , ladder , furniture. As a result, use of the product TRAE-LYX «care oil- wax "wooden surface oil or wax-updated , micro scratches disappear , because wax , dissolved in water to fill , In addition the surface acquires property "anti slip" , that is important for the stairs . The same surface becomes property of "anti slip" dirt.

I hope , that my article will help you choose the right oil is needed for you to stairs and you will have the best result !

The choice is yours, Your consultant.

Oil wax Trae Lyx for finishing wood.

Why wood- oil with wax Bring Luxury ?

The use of natural oil with wax Trae Lyx- it is the norm for your wooden floors and parquet.

Can be difficult to choose from the many offers exactly the material , that is to your liking. The reason is simple , You do not have information about the finest products , that are designed just for you , our dear lovers of wooden floors.

I will try to help you with the definition of the product selection .Масло с воском :Масло воск TRAE LYX Hard Wax PRO

How to make a wooden white floor .

Butter with wax:


I'll tell you, as possible from the ordinary wooden floor or parquet get the perfect trendy white floor, finished color white oil with hard wax.

Деревянный сосновый белый пол .

White pine floor is covered with a hard wax oil white Golden Wave.


Wood surface should be covered with no, or varnish, no ground, not impregnated , t. it is. should be an unprocessed. But