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New antique furniture in your cozy home.

Furniture in the style of Provence

Antique furniture: A new look at the aging of the furniture.


If you have old wooden furniture, which has lost its last appearance, but it is you the way and you do not want to throw it, in such a case, you can update it with their own hands, independently and without the large financial costs, and you have a new antique furniture!


Let's talk about, as much as possible of the old wooden furniture manufacture new old furniture in old French sile.Eto is not difficult. Небходимо только Ваше желание и понимание- как бы Вам хотелось, чтобы по новому выглядела состаренная мебель.

Состаренная мебель кальк-паста белая на фасаде кухни

Состаренная мебель кухни в стиле “Прованс”


Suppose, you have an old wooden cabinet, или может быть комод, you do not want to throw it away and you just decided to change the design inside your home or room. И Читать статью полностью

New furniture in antique white calc-paste

Oak furniture antique white Calculator paste Golden Veyf , AVIS easy timberkoat

Antique wooden furniture with calc-paste.


When the goal is make old furniture or walls (floor), if we have new furniture, and we want, To get the antique furniture, we can in this case to consider several options

Oak furniture antique white Calculator pastoyGolden Veyf , AVIS easy timberkoat

grow old oak table with calc-paste Golden Wave.

ПЕРВЫЙ вариант –

Bleached antique furniture Calculator paste.

Earlier, в древние времена известкование мебели и напольных покрытий считалось традиционным. Через некоторое время известь отслаивалась и стиралась от части деревянной поверхности и оставалась только в порах дерева. Such an effect of aging

 (liming) Wood can be repeated using the product Golden Veyf "kalkpasta".   To work, you can use only pure, previously untreated wood. It is very important, the pores were open timber, kalkpasta delayed because the pores.

The paper «тонировка древесины » we talked, что поры в древесине Читать статью полностью

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