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Deep-repellent for mineral surfaces.

concrete water repellent, brick and natural stone

Siloxane repellent for mineral surfaces.

 Let's talk on the subject of impregnating materials with the name of repellent, that is, the protection of the surface of the wet and dirt .

Actually “water-repellency treatment” this is a very topical issue, especially for mineral surfaces, such as concrete, brick, natural and artificial stone, ceramic tiles,gypsum , lime plaster, etc. e.

Any mineral surface absorbs moisture ( from the front surface, ends,  pointing through the seams. И даже затирка для швов, whatever it was fashionable, all - equal to all 100 % It does not protect the surface from moisture penetration. Usually, mainly moisture and penetrates the grout for joints. What happens next, I'd rather you would not talk about it, look at the picture.


Do not, sooner or later, but it is the inevitable result of, Читать статью полностью

Remove white efflorescence on the obverse brick.

brick impregnation

Remove white efflorescence from the brick.

After the rains may appear white lime stains, efflorescence on the obverse brick, natural stone and concrete.

Efflorescence should not be left in such a. If efflorescence does not wash, then there will be destruction of the surface, bricks will break away and break.

Убрать высолы с кирпича: смывка высолов

Concentrated liquid helps to remove efflorescence from the facade.

this means – Concentrate must be diluted with water in a ratio of up 1: 10 water. Thinning define yourself, depending on the degree of contamination of the surface.

After the elimination of the surface to be processed efflorescence hydrophobisator ( impregnation for stone and brick) , to efflorescence effect it happening again. As a very reliable repellent You can apply the product from the same manufacturer AVIS Gevelimpregniir,


Гидрофобизатор, предотвращающий высолы на фасаде дома.

Пропитка для кирпича и камня- water-repellent agent.

which provides warranty “do not get wet” фасадных облицовочных материалов обработанной очищенной поверхности до Читать статью полностью

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