Training (grinding) деревянного паркета под нанесение масла и воска.

Подготовка деревянной поверхности для нанесения масла и воска.

The oil should be applied to previously untreated wood.  All kinds of impregnation, Primer, varnishes closed pores of the wood and create a layer of film, which does not penetrate through the oil timber and permeates.  If you want to change the color of the wood and then applying oil, это можно сделать при помощи морилки CLOU или Trae Lyx. Clow stain or Trae Suite only change the color of the wood and do not create a protective film, allowing color is applied to any wood oil, wax or polish.  Let's take each question will be taken up sequentially.

Pre-sanding the floor.

            Any surface before applying oil for wood be sure to grind. The surface must be sanded with the grain. Sanding wood across the grain is not welcome. Sanding could scratch. If you shlifuete along the grain, acquired timber installed scratches on the wood structure and the further processing of their negligible. If you are grinding on your wooden cross product will crack and you do not remove them, then for further processing, especially colored oil are very manifest and will beat you in the eye. Be sure to clean the wood surface clean of dust from sanding. If you want to apply oil on wood, which had been previously treated, See recommendations in the article "The restoration of natural parquet , wood and laminate ".    More please, if you have that option, put oil on the wood immediately after grinding , because in this time of grace wood pores are open and you can get the maximum effect manifestation wood texture.

Methods of surface preparation for the application of the same oil to the floor or furniture will be different.                                                                                                                               

For example, for the preparation of parquet floor sanding basics first performed using a drum sander with sandpaper number P 40 . After that, again using a drum sander a second step is polishing, but with the grain number P 80. You can of course between these stages to make an intermediate sanding sanding with sandpaper grain number 60. But it is as you like, not a dogma. So , on this work with a drum sander on a given surface we finished. The next stage of our preparatory work is to perform polishing of the flooring using the orbital sanders and sandpaper of grain number P 80. After that, as is done on the machine Surface grinding , but already using sandpaper with a grain number P 100. For now the Surface grinding machine for wood flooring for the application of oil over. But this is not the final preparation. Now we need to have in the arsenal of so-called planetary grinder. On one engine, this car is three or four disks. Planetary she called because, that each disk rotates on its own, like planets. This option allows the planetary grinder to achieve , it can be said, perfect quality polishing the surface. Finish sanding the parquet with a planetary machine eliminates all kinds of risochki , scratch ( that is just what we need).  All anything, You'll open the parquet lacquer. Then no need to finish sanding machine planetary. But in the case of oil - special situation. Oil on the floor is showing scratches, chipped. Especially colored oil, Draw a very bright here these scratches, that you leave on the floor during the grinding. So to the question of training under the parquet subsequent deposition oils, especially color, Treat please seriously.                                      

The next phase of our work on the preparation of parquet –  polish.

Polishing we can do the same with orbital sanders. Polish using a grid with a grain number 120 above. It is the finishing stage of preparation for the application of the parquet oil. Still need to take a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and, Clean the surface well. Now your parquet is ready for application of colored oil Trae-Lyx PRO COLOR. All, we are here to recommend you a parquet , certainly not going to do on the stairs,  furniture facades and other wooden stakes. For furniture, doors , facades simply by hand or by using a small grinders grind the grain to perform for 1 or twice , in this case the grain grinding paper will 180-320.

I wish you every success in the preparation of parquet and other surfaces for the application of oil and oil with hard wax.

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