Mordant , the right choice

Let's talk about Stain. What's this , what is used and how to determine desired stain in the case.

Stain - is tinted liquid , with which you can change the natural color of wood , Furniture , Plywood , MDF , Fiberboard and particleboard. The people are called stain stain. Very popular today White Stains and morilki under flower Dere venge.

Stains are internal ( for interior use ) and external ( for outdoor use). Exterior stains are composed of pigment , which is not exposed to UV light , that is not "fade" in the sun. This is in contrast.

Mordant for wood the composition can be classified :

– waterborne ;

– alcohol;

– Nitro;

– on solvents;

– oil-based;

– on a wax-based;

Just stains can be divided into 2 of ( tint brush or spray gun).

More Stains are already prepared in the factory or in powder form , from which you yourself are prepared tinting fluid.

Next to choose the right stain is necessary to know , that'll tint.

For example , if a cot or a dining table , to stop the choice on the most secure Stain , with a minimum of "volatile" or complete absence . This category may include water-borne stains and based oils and waxes.

I tested these water stains : Trae-LUXURY , finished aqueous solution, and GLOU powder .

Марилка для дерева порошковая


For these two products as the next layer can apply any paint , rightly be applied varnish of any composition. Also on these stains can be applied to the oil with wax or wax. This is very convenient , because there are no questions about the "conflict" and undermine the layers.

Ethanol as mordants are already prepared in solution or in powder form. Here the view is ambiguous . On the one hand alcohol stain - it's convenient for toning furniture , doors , what I can not advise for toning parquet or stairs. For here the master no room for error. He works as a miner. One awkward movement , hand trembled slightly , secured a spot on the painted product . The process continues , but in the opposite direction , that is all you need to start again and sanded . Observance of conditions : no one should interfere , otherwise it will be necessary to grind again. Yes , More alcohol stain is applied using spray ( краскопульта) , otherwise the result , as they say , "Not guaranteed".

Alcohol stain powder - a difficult question for many painters. The essence of that is the : powder is diluted with alcohol 96 % . Think, it always will be so diluted alcohol content of your powder stain ? Or dilute it with something else ?

Risks better to exclude , compromise to avoid !

The human factor - a complex thing.

Nitro stain as possible to work only with gun , differently - poor results ( Spot , uneven coverage , somewhere-Dark , somewhere lighter).

Stains on the oil and wax-based - apply anywhere , tool - any . What you want , themes and paint. Stains on the wax and oil-based - very convenient product. Easily restore , dokrashivat , No trace remains of the extra work. Yes , These stains are environmentally friendly.

All stains can be cover the top with oil parquet , natural oil with hard wax or parquet lacquer on any basis.

The choice is yours, Your consultant.

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