Oil wax Trae Lyx for finishing wood.

Why wood- oil wax Trae Lyx ?

The use of natural oil with wax Trae Lyx- it is the norm for your wooden floors and parquet.

Can be difficult to choose from the many offers exactly the material, that is to your liking. The reason is simple,You do not have information about the finest products, that are designed just for you, our dear lovers of wooden floors.

I will try to help you with the definition of the product selection .Масло с воском :Масло воск TRAE LYX Hard Wax PRO

A collection of oils with wax Trae Suite is in the arsenal of a range of natural products, able to satisfy the requirements of the most scrupulous buyers.

Преимущества масла с воском Trae Lyx:

  • absolutely safe maslovosk, that is the main focus and the first in favor of the material;
  • easy to operate, not need to have special skills, simply follow my instructions;
  • result-wood protection, who does not hide, and, conversely, emphasizes individual inborn natural wood;
  • easy maintenance is ready for a wooden floor with special tools Trae Lyx, which will update the topcoat and maintain it for a very long time. This allows you to not have to worry about the restoration of the wooden floor for many years.

Do you agree with me?Then follow the further.

Colorless oil with wax Trae Lyx.

Oil with hard wax Trae Suite is available in a colorless version and color options. Also, even colorless materials are classified by the degree of gloss. So, for example, Trae Suite hard wax oil with satin gloss satin has. This product has been used successfully on surfaces with heavy, furniture and so on, handrails stairs, door and furniture. Furniture, treated finishing Trae Suite oil with wax Satin, has an unrivaled warm velvety rich look.

Trae Bridal satin oil with wax should be applied to the minimum wood in two layers. Consumption in this case is from 17 to 23 sq.m with one liter per layer. Flash between coats should be about 24 o'clock.

Also among the colorless Trae Suite with wax oils are particularly popular among acquired as applied Trae Suite Pro Mat. Material name speaks for itself - professional, ultra matte oil with hard wax. Application method - the same, as Trae Bridal satin oil with wax, however hardwood is sufficient to cause Mate in two layers , but on the soft wood is necessary to make a three-layer deposition. Trae Suite Pro Mat as successfully used on furniture, parquet, doors. However, this most often used on the surfaces of the product, exposed to very high loads with abrasion, it, generally, stair treads, the kitchen floor, hallway, gym, cafe, restaurant, etc..

Colored hard wax oil with Trae Lyx.

Let's take a closer look at color Trae Suite oils with hard wax. This collection is called Trae Suite with hard wax oil About Color. This natural material is unprecedented abrasion resistance, easy to clean, or rather not dirty. ie. has weak adhesion to dirt.

Shades of color collections meet modern requirements and design.

When applying colored oil with wax Trae Lyx on your woodwork final appearance may be different, it depends largely on the type of wood, which is applied on the finishing wax oil.

For example, on a pine tree it might look like:

(on “clique” photo – transition to the description of the photo)

Вид цветного масла для дерева на сосне.

Timber-coated colored pine oil with hard wax Trae Lyx.

1. Colored oil with hard wax Trae Suite Pro Color “White”.

A distinctive feature - very white , structure completely white streaks, But strong fiber practically unchanged natural color. This effect is particularly good at it on wood, which has a deep relief structure, such as oak, ash, or wood, which previously Brushed.                                                                                      Look Photo:

белое масло с твердым воском trae-lyx на дубе


Some examples of actual use of white oil with wax we examined in more detail in the article : “How to make a white floor”.

2. Colored oil with hard wax Trae Suite Pro Color “Natural White”.

A distinctive feature - barely noticeable manifestation of the grain pattern in a white shade. Visually, it looks like this , like wood and nature was so authentic. Here's a look at the photo.

However, if the same Trae Suite Pro Color Natural white applied to the treated pre-stain wood surface Trae Suite, we get a completely different design effects. И также привлекательный по-своему и красивый.   Вот смотрите на фото:

На дубе - масло с воском цветное -натурально белое Trae Lyx

3. Colored oil with hard wax Trae Suite Pro Color “Oak Smoked”.

Beautiful name. Here is a prime example of, когда вещи называют своими именами.  

Look at photo, looks like this oil with wax on ash:

На фото-как выглядит цветное масло с твердым воском Trae Lyx на дереве -ясень.

Colored oil with wax “Smoked Oak” Trae Lyx applied to wood-ash.



4. Colored oil with hard wax Trae Suite Pro Color “Nut”.

Color “oil-wax” This case is perfect for wood color natural nut, Here's a look at the photo.

And if your goal is , that the product was the color of walnut, Then opt for Trae Suite colored oil-wax as close as possible to achieve your goal.


На фотографии: как выглядит цветное масло с твердым воском Трае Люкс на ясеневой мабели , дерево.

Trae Suite oil “Nut” by Ash.


На фото, как выглядит цветное масло с твердым воском на дереве дубе.

Color oil wax Trae Lyx Pro color Kersen (Cherry) of Dube.

5. Colored oil with hard wax Trae Suite Pro Color “Kerşen” (cherry).

Wood, Processed data sheet, as bright, live. Note, that Trae Suite Pro Color penetrates into the, it seemed, inconspicuous veins structure and draws and shows even the structural pattern on the tree, which was not visible before coating.

Here's a photo, as this oil on wood – дубе. 




6. Colored oil with hard wax Trae Suite Pro Color “Black”.

На фото- на ясень нанесено цветное черное масло с воском trae lyx для дерева

Black oil with wax on ash.

Beautiful noble kind of treated wood.

It is very likely may be suitable for finishing, eg stairs, in the interior with style “minimalism”.

However, such, the oak he does not look like a completely black, rather, as "anthracite".

And this is a color with a hard wax oil Trae Suite Pro Color Black , designed for finishing wood furniture looks ash .



7. Colored oil with hard wax Trae Suite Pro Color “Light Grey”.

Here's a photo.

8. Colored oil with hard wax Trae Suite Pro Color “Old Grey”.

Here's a photo.

9. Colored oil with hard wax Trae Suite Pro Kolbor “Dark Grey”.

Here's a photo.

I would like to further draw your attention that, that all the colored oil with wax Trae Suite mixed with each other to achieve the desired color. Thus they can be mixed with transparent oil- Trae wax-Suite with a view to clarifying. Surface, Trae treated Suite Pro Color, has a matte gloss.

The photograph: oak, pre-painted stained “Wenge” coated matt and satin oil with a hard wax Trae Lyx: (on “clique”photo – description of the photo)

Как выглядит морилка венге на дубе после покрытия маслом с воском.

On morilku “Wenge” oak-wood oil wax mat / sateen.


Or take such a decision on the Stain on oak “Dark Walnut” – № nail 168.

(on “clique”photo – description of the photo)

Как выглядит дуб покрашенный морилкой орех и маслом с твердым воском матовым или сатиновым.

On morilku “Nut” Apply oil-wax.


Just want to draw your attention, applying to the surface of the colored wax oil must be suitably prepared, ie. along the polished wood structure. Check, on the surface after polishing left longitudinal scratches, because the oil with wax accept these scratches for the structure of wood and even brighter their Tracings.

As a rule, Trae Suite with hard wax oil is applied in two layers. Possible variations of such application :

  1. 1 a layer of colored oil and wax 2 layer of the same colored oil wax.
  2. 1 a layer of colored oil wax, 2 слой – прозрачный масло-воск Трае Люкс.      А вот прозрачный уже выбирайте: matt or satin.

The same manufacturer has developed Trae Suite rustic stain, which can be used in a system with Trae Suite oil-wax.

Do you agree with me?Then follow the further.

Bring Luxury rustic stain.

 Trae Lyx рустикальный бейц  разработан не так давно с учетом современных направлений в области дизайна деревянных полов.

This stain or just the people "stain" we can apply in the case , if we want the easiest way to achieve the look of rustic wood floors , that is, identify the tree structure . Especially good is obtained in the variant with oak floors. So with rustic stain Trae Lyx we can get these shades of color :

Рустикальный бейц-морилка Trae Lyx дуб натуральный

Stain rustic: Natural oak.


Рустикальный бейц-морилка Trae Lyx дуб закопченый

Stain rustic Trae Lyx : Oak Smoked

Рустикальный бейц-морилка Trae Lyx дуб мореный

Stain rustic Trae Lyx : Bog Oak

Рустикальный бейц-морилка Trae Lyx дуб застарелый

Stain rustic Trae Lyx : Oak Aged

Рустикальный бейц-морилка Trae Lyx дуб подгорелый

Stain rustic Trae Lyx : Burnt oak.

Рустикальный бейц-морилка Trae Lyx дуб выветренный

Stain rustic Trae Lyx : Weathered Oak.

How to tint the wood , я рассказывала Вам в другой своей статье HOW TO RENDER WOOD.

The difference is that , that Trae Lyx rustic stain is ready for use.

Only need to shake a jar. Everything else is exactly the same. Please do not forget , that wood has open pores within 30 minutes of grinding, and in this case, from rustic stain you achieve the most amazing results. The stain goes through all the pores , wood board channels. Since the stain itself - there is a very high quality product , Like all materials Trae Lyx ,then the result of the "face". The stain should go to the tree level , no spots , it can be said , just perfect.

After toning rustic wood stain Trae Lyx , floors must receive final treatment 1 слоем  масла с твердым воском Hardwax Pro Naturel Wit и 1 слоем матового масла Hardwax Pro Mat. Масло с твердым воском Trae Lyx Натуральное Белое

Such treatment provides ease further care of the state of the wooden floor .

 О том , как наносить на деревянную  поверхность  масла Hardwax Pro Naturel Wit 

Hardwax Pro Mat and I will tell you in the next installment of its columns on the parquet oils.

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