Natural oil for parquet effect selected wood structure

Natural oil for parquet, ladders and other wooden furniture

Actually, the term "oil parquet" very extensive, consider this issue in detail in several directions and define for themselves the only, the most appropriate.

To begin with, what natural oil for wood Since ancient times used for impregnation and protection of wood products, parquet , for the acquisition of furniture and wood surfaces different vintage effects, The wood that can only recreate natural oil for wood.

Why choose parquet oil?

A huge plus in favor of using natural oils for parquet is a fact, the surfaces, treated with natural oil , if necessary very easily restored. Whether it is a scratch or just abrasion wear, parquet flooring, treated with oil, very easy to be restored. When performing restoration work on an oiled wooden surface is not necessary to completely remove the oil from the tree. Simply put a scratch on oil, which was treated parquet, several layers. If for parquet floor was wiped from tree to walk, then oiled parquet do not need to scrape unlike hardwood floor, varnished, simply update the flooring using natural oils for parquet. Updates can be made of parquet in one or two layer.

Types of parquet oils.

Natural parquet mineral oil is, vegetable, Oil in pure form or with the addition of solid wax and pigment, Oil is water with additives and polyurethane.

Oil for wood flooring can be roughly classified according to the degree of gloss. Degree of gloss timber is defined in % "Glosses". For example, untreated natural wood has a gloss 4 % . So what does the oil is able to convey and preserve the appearance of untreated wood , feeling very old-time atmosphere and ? There are those oils for parquet. And if this is your design task, solve it with our help, including.

Just parquet oil is transparent or colored ( adding pigment), except that performs a protective function also features stain wood or parquet. How toned parquet using water stains, written in the article Water stain for wood,parquet,Furniture.

Wear resistance parquet oils can be classified according to the consumption of the weight load, Oil may be for a heavy load ( stairs , Paul V. corridor, kitchen, living) and light load ( floor in the bedroom, furniture , Wall, Ceilings, doors). Oil, which is designed for heavy load, typically found in more expensive price category, than oil for light load.

We define a category of oils for wood in the sauna, shower or bathroom. Matter of choice for oil such premises very thin. If this space with high-temperature, accordingly applied natural oil, is able to withstand a certain heating temperature wooden surface. If it is a shower room, for oil treatment of wood ( all kinds of benches, trapyky) must possess antibacterial antiseptic effect. The presence of standing water on the wood woodwork dooms the rapid failure due to rotting. Reliable barrier mold, various fungi, which have the ability to multiply in conditions of high humidity wood and hit it, should put that's the most natural oil and moisture resistant with absolutely antigryazevym effect.

And more, tree oil for external use is ( terraces, fences, swing, home) and interior use. There are types of oils, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

So you see, how many different conventions, that you should consider when choosing flooring for processing oil or other natural wood. To date, there are so many oil producers for parquet. So shop windows present oil production in Germany, Denmark, Americas, France, Russia, Netherlands and others. We in his articles and discussions will use characteristics of materials Dutch brands Lux and Trae Golden Veyf, because, firstly, product line of these collections is very wide and it contains all possible types of oils for parquet and other wood, which you and I will carry on a conversation, and second, as a result of its own research and applications I, Your consultant oil Trae-Suite and Golden Veyf liked more, than other oils for parquet.

Preparing for parquet oiling.

Proper preparation parquet or wooden surface for the subsequent application of oil - the key to a beautiful result and success in work. Keep at this stage compromises. Because you can , like a lot of effort (and buy excellent oil , and buy expensive parquet) , but do not pay attention to the preparation stage of the parquet, undoing your investment and the work done. As a result you will get admitted compromise result, that will not meet your needs and wishes. About, how to prepare for the application of oil parquet , read the article "Preparation of parquet and wooden surface for the application of oil".

About, how to prepare the surface for subsequent processing oil , I told well as in another article “how to make a white floor”.

If you want to process wood flooring with natural oil and still get a bright accent wood structure, antistatic and dirt-repellent surface with antiseptic then, undoubtedly, for this you can apply a natural oil for wood flooring mineral-based , for example parquet oil “Trae-Lux”

Only Oil for wood flooring TRAE-LYX has a solid 100 % , t . it is . all , that fall on a parquet floor , then it will remain.

How to apply oil to wood flooring:

Getting to spray oil parquet.

Oil for hardwood floor must be applied with a brush with the grain. Give soak into the wood , then the surface should be treated very carefully wipe of cotton cloth almost “dry”.

This is important , actually , if you do not wipe the oil and it is in the form of puddles remain on the board , it is very bad , because that is what oil for parquet , by virtue of its composition , completely hardens . And in this case it can for a long time to dry , maybe even a month. Therefore, the key to success – good wipe boards after applying oil.

The second layer of oil can be applied after , as the first dry , but not earlier than 24 o'clock. Before applying the second layer of skin on the surface do zamatovku with grain number 230. Apply a second coat of oil in the same way , as a first layer and a good wipe , very well.

Масло для паркета TRAE LYX, Голландия.

Natural oil for parquet (parquet oil) Trae Luxury.


“Trae-Lux parquet Oliya” when applied to the wood in the wood fibers is , mixed within the fibers of the wood with a mixture of resin and has oil rosin and distributed on wood fibers and channels within derevyahi. What gives wood a unique effect of a dedicated structure , emphasized other color tint , than the board itself. This effect on the tree can not give any other oil , so some suitable use first toned wood stain , and then apply oil. This complicates the process and increases the cost , also extends to the processing time. In our case, the application of the above-mentioned oil parquet saves time , money , other costs. There is another very large and worthy plus , this oil for parquet is not afraid of water and mud, it can be used on staircases , in the gym , corridors , shower rooms , rooms with high humidity.

The length of giving different shades of wood can be applied to the oil stained wooden product zatonirovat.

Read about it in the paper : as toned wood : stain for wood flooring.

Усиленное масло для паркета trae lyx на минеральной основе.

The wear-resistant parquet oil trae lyx parketolie with antisepricheskimi properties.

It is also necessary to follow safety rules when working with oil, in principle, any other wood oil. After you apply the oil to the surface of the parquet and rubbed his, oily rags (rag) be disposed of safely , ie. Pour water in a pail , tk. itself oily rags has the ability to heat.

Complete crystallization treated surfaces parquet oil Trae-Lux occurs within 3-7 -14 days, provided a very good wiping the surface during processing and room temperature + 20 degrees C


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