Choosing Stains.


Mordant, the right choice

Давайте поговорим о морилках.  Что это такое, what is used and how to determine desired stain in the case.

Морилка - это тонирующая жидкость, with which you can change the natural color of wood, Furniture, Plywood, MDF, Fiberboard and particleboard. The people are called stain stain. Very popular today White Stains and morilki under flower Dere venge.

Морилки бывают внутренние ( for interior use ) and external ( for outdoor use). Exterior stains are composed of pigment, which is not exposed to UV light, that is not "fade" in the sun. This is in contrast.

Mordant for wood the composition can be classified :

– waterborne;

– alcohol;

– Nitro;

– on solvents;

– oil-based;

– on a wax-based;

Just stains can be divided into 2 of ( tint brush or spray gun).

Еще морилки бывают уже приготовленные в заводских условиях либо в виде порошка, from which you yourself are prepared tinting fluid.

Next to choose the right stain is necessary to know, that'll tint.

Например, if a cot or a dining table, to stop the choice on the most secure Stain, with a minimum of "volatile" or complete absence. This category may include water-borne stains and based oils and waxes.

Мною протестированы такие водные морилки : Trae-LUXURY,Finished in an aqueous solution, and GLOU powder .

Марилка для дерева порошковая, которая разбавляется в воде.

Морилка порошковая разбавляется в воде.

For these two products as the next layer can apply any paint, rightly be applied varnish of any composition. Also on these stains can be applied to the oil with wax or wax. This is very convenient, because there are no questions about the "conflict" and undermine the layers.

Спиртовые морилки также бывают уже приготовленные в растворе либо в виде порошка. Here the view is ambiguous. С одной стороны  спиртовая морилка – это удобно для тонирования мебели и дверей, what I can not advise for toning parquet or stairs. For here the master no room for error. He works as a miner. One awkward movement, hand trembled slightly, secured a spot on the painted product . The process continues, but in the opposite direction, that is, to all oshkurit and start again. Observance of conditions: no one should interfere , otherwise it will be necessary to grind again. Yes , More alcohol stain is applied using spray (краскопульта), otherwise the result, as they say, "Not guaranteed".

Спиртовая морилка в порошке - вопрос сложный для многих маляров. Суть вот в чем: powder is diluted with alcohol 96 % . Think, всегда ли таким составом  спирта будет разбавлена ваша порошковая морилка? Or dilute it with something else?

Risks better to exclude, compromise to avoid!

The human factor - a complex thing.

Нитро морилкой также можно работать только при помощи краскопульта , differently - poor results ( Spot , uneven coverage , somewhere-Dark , somewhere lighter).

Морилки на масляной и восковой основе - применяются где угодно, tool - any. What you want, themes and paint. Stains on the wax and oil-based - very convenient product. Easily restore, dokrashivat, No trace remains of the extra work. Yes, These stains are environmentally friendly.

All stains can be cover the top with oil parquet, natural oil with hard wax or parquet lacquer on any basis.

The choice is yours,Your consultant.

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