Natural wax wood color: Golden Wave.

Natural wax for wood Golden Wave.

Photos applied colored wax.

Photographs on the proposed color wax is applied to the pine timber.

Waxes for wood most often used to decorate various wooden interior elements. This may be carrying or decorative wooden beams, Hem (lining ) Ceiling, wood walls or partitions, doors, and other miscellaneous furniture in interior. Waxes are rarely used for the treatment of wooden floors or stairs. This is because , that the wax has a lower resistance to wear in comparison with oils such as wood or parquet lacquers. In order, the wax was easier to put it in a small amount of pre-added turpentine. After curing, the wax coating hardens, is not afraid of water and wet cleaning. Such a non-stick coating no pollution. Rub the wax coating is usually a dry cotton cloth. After drying, the product, covered with colored wax have a matte surface. If you want to give a little shine so waxed surfaces, rub them quite a bit ordinary felt. On the processing of wood with hard wax oil – in category “Oil with hard wax for wood”.

 Often a wax is used for “waxing wood”, here are some examples of colored wax.

Colored wax on oak Colonial

Colorful wax “Colonial” Golden Wave на дубе


Воск цветной "серо-голубой" of Dube (Golden Wave)

Colorful wax “gray-blue” Golden Wave на дубе


Golden Wave colored white wax-ash

Colorful wax “White” by Ash


Colored wax chocolate Golden Wave

Colorful wax “Chocolate” on a wooden pine beams


Color white wax pine lumber

White wax on the pine batten


Color “Colonial” Wax Golden Wave to a pine milled

Pine lumber coated with wax Golden Wave

Colorful wax “tobacco” Golden Wave to a pine milled

Waxing wood wax Golden Veyv on a bar made of pine

Transparent wax Golden Wave on pine batten in a private home

Golden Wave colour wax chokolade

“Chocolate” воск Golden Wave на сосне

Цветной воск голден вейв "серо-голубой" on a bar made of pine.

Gray-blue colored wax on pine batten


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  1. Алексей
    December 16, 2017 at 15:10

    Очень красивый вид, воск смотрится замечательно!

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