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Effective tools and their application for the removal of efflorescence on the brick, quality processing facades water repellent – impregnation for concrete and brick.

Remove white efflorescence on the obverse brick.

Remove white efflorescence from the brick.

After the rains may appear white lime stains, efflorescence on the obverse brick , natural stone and concrete.

Efflorescence should not be left in such a . If efflorescence does not wash , then there will be destruction of the surface , bricks will break away and break.

Убрать высолы с кирпича: смывка высолов

Concentrated liquid helps to remove efflorescence from the facade.

this means – Concentrate must be diluted with water in a ratio of up 1: 10 water. Thinning define yourself , depending on the degree of contamination of the surface.

After the elimination of the surface to be processed efflorescence hydrophobisator ( impregnation for stone and brick) , to efflorescence effect it happening again. As a very reliable repellent You can apply the product from the same manufacturer AVIS Gevelimpregniir,


which provides warranty “do not get wet” facade cladding materials treated purified Гидрофобизатор, предотвращающий высолы на фасаде дома.surface to 10 years.


Gevelimpregniirom mineral surface of your face brick or natural stone must be treated (impregnate) at least twice.

According to numerous reviews gevelimpregniira suitable use can be concluded , that of the money spent on these products , the buyer has received the maximum positive fantastic effect: efflorescence will not appear .

Пропитка гидрофобизатор кирпичаГидрофобизатор для бетона, кирпича и натурального камня

Avis repellent impregnation of concrete , brick and decorative stone fasadnog