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Water-repellent impregnation for concrete and other mineral finishes. Do not change color when hydrophobic brick and stone.

How to handle the wooden poles for the fence.

Than treated wood poles for the fence.

What still treated wooden poles for the fence?

If you want to do with their hands wooden fence, to reliably, the tree is not rotten and had a long life. In addition, there is no desire to engage in every couple of years restoring the wooden fence. And it is in fact an urgent question .

Then we you have to talk about.

Wooden poles, to be a support for the sections of the fence, especially before installing process. In fact, the entire wooden pole can be divided into two parts, to be processed by different protective materials. The part of the column , which will be fixed in the ground, that is located below ground level , most susceptible to the adverse effects of moisture and soil. In fact, the wood is in permanent contact with the ground and always be moist or even in water. So this part of the wooden pole necessary before , both buried in the ground , process impregnated by bitumen. This will give the bitumen impregnation dug in tree resistance to water , various acids and alkalis. Better to do two protective layer with a minimum interval of 24 o'clock. Each layer of bitumen impregnation must harden. Please do not forget , wooden poles that must first be dried, ie the timber must have a constant humidity of at least 15 % . In such a good balance of wood and takes a deep bitumen impregnation , what we need . After all, our wooden poles for the fence then get maximum protection for natural method. Yes , even desirable , the surface of wooden poles was refinished , as bitumen impregnation , First consumed less , secondly , better protects the treated wood.

Yes, still an important point, not recommended for such work ( Application of bitumen impregnation on wooden poles or other wood) perform during fog or rain. After , as wooden poles (bars) for the fence is secure , they can be safely installed in a specially prepared room. Here's a look photo.

Деревянные столбы: Чем обработать деревянные столбы

Wooden poles : Handling and installation of wooden posts

Yes , bitumen impregnation has accordingly black , so treat it only that part of the wooden fencing poles , which will be hidden in the ground.

деревянные столбы под забор

Wooden poles for the fence : Installation of wooden pillars under the fence

The upper part of the column (that, that is above the ground level) can be treated with a special varnish, which composition contains an ultraviolet absorber (absorbeert UV-licht). This varnish is called AVIS timberkoat. Varnish should be moreover the color, it greatly enhances the protective properties. Here's a perfect example of varnishing AVIS timberkoat wooden poles, which are used for lighting the streets along the waterfront seaside. Offshore wind, excess moisture, salt, sun – nothing terribly wooden posts, are treated with a durable color coating AVIS timberkoat. See the photos.

Алкидный лак Авис для наружного дерева

Wooden poles on the waterfront of the North Sea

Material , which was used by me directly for such work , называется Верфайн «Черная шпала» REFINE sleepers BLACK.

But better to paint a wooden fence with his hands and reliably and inexpensively , we will discuss in another article , which is called "than painted wooden fence». Для таких построек сегодня все чаще используют не образующее пленки – стойкое к УФ масло для наружного дерева.

Your consultant.

Deep-repellent for mineral surfaces.

Siloxane repellent for mineral surfaces.

Let's talk on the subject of impregnating materials with the name of repellent , that is, the protection of the surface of the wet and dirt .

Actually “water-repellency treatment” this is a very topical issue , especially for mineral surfaces, such as concrete , brick , natural and artificial stone , ceramic tiles ,gypsum , lime plaster, etc. e.

Any mineral surface absorbs moisture ( from the front surface , ends, pointing through the seams. Even grout for joints , whatever it was fashionable , all - equal to all 100 % does not protect the surface from moisture. As a rule , mainly moisture and penetrates the grout for joints. What happens next , I'd rather you would not talk about it , look at the picture.

Do not , sooner or later , but it is the inevitable result of , if the surface is not protected from water repellents for concrete wet. First by the so-called efflorescence

( White streaks of at jointing seams ) , how to remove efflorescence , See my other article. The result is then , you saw in the photo.

So , that did not happen , necessarily treated mineral water repellent surface of your buildings. Again, the question arises , how to choose a repellent.

гидрофобизатор бетона, кирпича и камня, силоксан.

Siloxane water repellent Avis (Netherlands) for stone, Brick and Concrete.

Let's go back to , namely , what you want to get a result. If you do not have ambitions about changing or maintaining the natural color of the existing stone , then choose the most reliable in terms of how often you need to do hydrophobization. You also quite interesting to do this every year.In this case you should opt for a water repellent , which guarantees the result of processing at least years 10. Such a product can be attributed repellent front ground AVIS AVIS PROFESSIONAL GEVELIMPREGNEER GEVELIMPREGNIIR.

This product does not change the color of the mineral surface or stone , does not create a film.

In addition , AVIS gevelimpregniir penetrates deep into the surface to be treated 100 mm and protects it from moisture and dirt on 10 years.

AVIS gevelimpregniir extremely useful for protection from wet tiled area around the pedestrian area of ​​ponds and pools , because he does not "trampling" , because it does not create a film.

Just wonderful property AVIS gevelimpregniira "not to change the color of the stone" is welcomed by designers and architects.

The principle of operation of such a repellent AVIS. As part gevelimpregnira contain additives , that the penetration into the mineral surface contribute to the formation of molecular chains of siloxane novih . Of these molecular chains formed siloxane reshetochka. For these grids is the movement of air . Anywhere outside the designated channel moisture can not penetrate, can not cause devastating effects on the mineral surface.

Water-repellent surface protects our brick or concrete very reliably and for a long time moisture.

In this version of the product processing is protected from moisture, even at the level of capillary action. Thus the treated surface is protected from heavy rains, etc..

With all of this treated surface AVIS gevelimpregniir producing maximum breathability , that is, the surface is "breathing".

If all the same you face the design task to protect the stone from moisture and give it the look of wet stone , this is what I advise you to : choose the right stone with a similar effect of "wet stone" , and protect water repellent AVIS , Here you will be the desired look and appearance and protection against moisture and dirt.

I wish you success in the repair and construction of ,

Your consultant .