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Paint house – wild-log

How to paint a wooden house – Wild frame.

If you built a wooden house from a wild timber, pay more attention to the choice of protective coating timber. The fact, that not all materials, which can be treated wooden house from glued beams of logs or can be used for the treatment of wild-log.
So laminated veneer lumber and bale are relatively smooth and flat surface. Wild frame , unlike , has several "ragged" surface.

на дерево дикого сруба нанесено масло для дерева trae lyx

Масло для покраски деревянного сруба.

If laminated timber is acceptable and bale handle both film-forming coating (paint, polish) , a wild frame is desirable to process only such a coating, which does not form a film, that is oil for outdoor wood, Impregnating wood ( gidrofoʙizatorom).
Let's take a closer look at the issue, why wild frame is not desirable to paint varnish, paint or azure. The answer is simple - this type of coating forms a film . Any film-forming coating eventually loses its elasticity. Nastaёt the moment, when the cover is in need of restoration. Just imagine a picture: poshkurit wild felling of shelled varnish. Smooth surface, like laminated timber or bale, of course, You can update and oshlifovat. In the case of the wild-log cabin oshlifovat exfoliating polish would be problematic, because some of the surface will be difficult for grinding ( Because of the geometric nature of wild timber) . Practically perform the work to remove loose particles of old coating quality performance will be very difficult. Much more interesting is to protect the house from wild timber once used specifically designed for this material. This may be, for example, Sadovoe butter Garden Naturals ( Garden Naturals), or Tonbeyts Verfayn , or Bryunoleum Verfayn, or impregnated with (water-repellent agent) Avis Timberkoat.
Let's take a closer look at all the options of the protective coating for the wild-log , to the choice of paint material you were absolutely sure, that made the right decision.

1. Impregnant Avis Timberkoat - it impregnates - impregnation, by means of
which can be given a special outdoor wood properties of anti-putrefaction and impermeability.
Impregnation Timberkoat moistens wood outdoors, does not form a film and penetrates deeply into the wood fibers.
For best results wood protection impregnation Timberkoat enough to put in a single layer. The treated surface will become semi gloss.
Due to its strong properties Drains Timberkoat perfectly penetrates and nourishes wood tissue with a special compound, thus giving the wood a powerful protection against wet and, as a consequence, many other negative phenomena, associated with excessive moisture ( fungus, rot, mold). With the, impregnation Timberkoat that does not form a film, it is not peeled, not erode over time and protects the wood from UV. The very steep Timberkoat has in stock a fine selection of modern sought-after colors for wooden houses. Just look at the photo.

I would also like to focus on relevant issues. Many owners of wooden houses, built a log cabin, want to preserve its natural color. Yes, indeed, Not all paint materials on the market in the form of colorless able to protect the wood from rotting and UV. So, impregnation Avis Timberkoat even in the form of a transparent support the protective properties as well as color impregnation Avis timberkoat and reliably performs work for the protection of your wooden house on the natural external influences, if , of course, You work your wooden house outside Timberkoat impregnated in at least one layer.
Look at photo, how things work Avis Timberkoat impregnation.

2. Garden Garden oil Verfayn Naturals - natural protective product based on natural oils. Ideal for finishing the wild carcass.
Verfayn Garden oil as well, as AVIS Timberkoat impregnation, does not create a film. However, the Garden oil should be applied in two layers. Wood, obrabotannaâ Garden Naturals Sadovym butter, has an attractive gloss furniture , small shine, Here's a look :


Color of natural oils for a garden tree.

Very striking advantage Garden Garden Naturals oils is , that this product can be processed as previously soaked wood, not impregnated and.
Garden Garden Naturals oil on wood creates a powerful preservative layer .
What is characteristic, Garden oil, as Timberkoat impregnation, is a successful defense of the wood from UV sunlight. And in a transparent form, it is also a natural protection against UV.

Garden Naturals can also be successfully applied on benches, swing, playgrounds, pool fencing, wooden garden furniture, wooden gym, sports grounds.
In fact Garden Garden Naturals Oil can be considered very successful invention manufacturer, because this product and simultaneously protects wood and wood maintains the natural authenticity.
Here's a look, as usual derevyashechka a garden oil becomes a very attractive.
Picture for painting. Photos before and after painting.

Moreover, the process of applying the garden oil is not burdensome. Oil is very easy to go to bed and gently. If the wood is well polished, then the minimum oil consumption will exceed all your expectations.
Exactly when applying this oil after the first layer of the pile rises slightly. When the coating dries ( it's about 12-24 hours at a temperature + 20 ) can be soft sandpaper grain 320 zapolirovat surface, then wipe off the dust. Then apply a second coat in the same method ( using a brush.)
Please do not forget, that all work can be performed at a temperature of not less than + 5 . Garden Naturals well as a beautiful collection of colors, Look.
Garden flowers photo collection.
If we compare the visual characteristics of the oil Garden Garden Naturals and Avis Timberkoat impregnation, it would look like:

3. Tonbeyts Verfayn - color stain for exterior use based on natural oils and waxes.
Stain Tonbeyts readily forms a colored transparent protective coating on filmless softwood and hardwood.
This exterior stain is perfect for such products, as fences, gazebo, awnings, etc..
Stain Tonbeyts not only protects the wood from aging, but also decorates it, since it emphasizes the texture of wood. Stain Verfayn Tonbeyts has a unique effect the conservation of natural wood. The more open the pores of the treated wood, the more varied play of structural colors will be treated wood Tonbeytsem. Stain Tonbeyts available in brown and green tones.
Here's a look at the photo:
Typically, this product is applied to the same timber, Garden as two layers Naturals.
In order , that you receive information about materials, who recommends you to process wild carcass ( and other wooden buildings), had a full format, let's compare these wonderful materials cost.


Name Number of layers of material value on 1 m². one layer of material flow 1 m². one coat
AVIS TIMBERKOAT IMPREGNANT 1 LAYER 2,66 ª one layer 100 ml

GARDEN Naturals 2 LAYER 2 Yea in two layers 166 ml

VERFAYN TONBEYTS 2 LAYER 1,36 Yea in two layers 166 ml

Now take a look and choose.
The cheapest of the proposal is Verfayn Tonbeyts, but all 2 colors - green and brown.
Fastest application ( only one layer) - Avis impregniir Timberkoat impregnation.
Leader in a wide range of colors - Garden Garden oil Naturals.

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Remove white efflorescence on the obverse brick.

Remove white efflorescence from the brick.

After the rains may appear white lime stains, efflorescence on the obverse brick , natural stone and concrete.

Efflorescence should not be left in such a . If efflorescence does not wash , then there will be destruction of the surface , bricks will break away and break.

Убрать высолы с кирпича: смывка высолов

Concentrated liquid helps to remove efflorescence from the facade.

this means – Concentrate must be diluted with water in a ratio of up 1: 10 water. Thinning define yourself , depending on the degree of contamination of the surface.

After the elimination of the surface to be processed efflorescence hydrophobisator ( impregnation for stone and brick) , to efflorescence effect it happening again. As a very reliable repellent You can apply the product from the same manufacturer AVIS Gevelimpregniir,


which provides warranty “do not get wet” facade cladding materials treated purified Гидрофобизатор, предотвращающий высолы на фасаде дома.surface to 10 years.


Gevelimpregniirom mineral surface of your face brick or natural stone must be treated (impregnate) at least twice.

According to numerous reviews gevelimpregniira suitable use can be concluded , that of the money spent on these products , the buyer has received the maximum positive fantastic effect: efflorescence will not appear .

Пропитка гидрофобизатор кирпичаГидрофобизатор для бетона, кирпича и натурального камня

Avis repellent impregnation of concrete , brick and decorative stone fasadnog