Category: Teak oil

Natural teak oil is most commonly used as Oil for wooden furniture (for working with teak furniture), garden paths , terraces with teak and other wood.
Film coatings, such as varnish or paint for a long time can not protect wood floors on the street. They can deteriorate on walking, besides conventional film layers of wood finishes are not resistant to water, which may remain on a horizontal surface for a long time. Wilts under water film coating and destroys it.
That is why for the treatment of wooden floors on the terraces and garden paths are turning to oil for wood.
Teak oil has high penetrating power and excellent antiseptic properties without adding its members additional artificial preservatives.
Update periods (impregnation) oils are subject to various loads : solar radiation, wind, The presence of sea salt water. The more of these adverse conditions , the more often should soak your wooden floors outside teak oil.