Certainly not enough for furniture can be different from Oil for wood flooring, had very different tasks and functions. In this category are selected article as the hands can be treated with furniture oil, what are the oil for furniture, whether teak oil? What are the properties and characteristics of the oil are various furniture? Which look is obtained with furniture, Processed oil?

Training (grinding) wooden parquet under the application of oil.

"Prepare the wooden surface for the application of oil".

The oil should be applied to previously untreated wood. All kinds of impregnation, Primer, varnishes closed pores of the wood and create a layer of film, which does not penetrate through the oil timber and permeates. If you want to change the color of the wood and then applying oil, This can be done with the stain CLOU или Trae Lyx. Clow stain or Trae Suite only change the color of the wood and do not create a protective film, allowing color is applied to any wood oil, wax or polish. Let's take each question will be taken up sequentially .

Pre-sanding the floor.

Any surface before applying oil for wood be sure to grind. The surface must be sanded with the grain. Sanding wood across the grain is not welcome. Sanding could scratch. If you shlifuete along the grain, acquired timber installed scratches on the wood structure and the further processing of their negligible. If you are grinding on your wooden cross product will crack and you do not remove them, then for further processing, especially colored oil are very manifest and will beat you in the eye. Be sure to clean the wood surface clean of dust from sanding. If you want to apply oil on wood, which had been previously treated, See recommendations in the article "The restoration of natural parquet , wood and laminate ". More please, if you have that option, put oil on the wood immediately after grinding , because in this time of grace wood pores are open and you can get the most out of manifestation wood grain.

Methods of surface preparation for the application of the same oil to the floor or furniture will be different.

For example, for the preparation of parquet floor sanding basics first performed using a drum sander with sandpaper number P 40 . After that, again using a drum sander a second step is polishing, but with the grain number P 80. You can of course between these stages to make an intermediate sanding sanding with sandpaper grain number 60. But it is as you like, not a dogma. So , on this work with a drum sander on a given surface we finished. The next stage of our preparatory work is to perform polishing of parquet with orbital sanders and sandpaper s grain number P 80. After that perform well on the grinding surface grinding machine , but already using sandpaper with a grain number P 100. For now the Surface grinding machine for wood flooring for the application of oil over. But this is not the final preparation. Now we need to have in the arsenal of so-called planetary grinder. On one engine, this car is three or four disks. Planetary she called because, that each disk rotates on its own, like planets. This option allows the planetary grinder to achieve , it can be said, perfect quality polishing the surface. Finish sanding the parquet with a planetary machine eliminates all kinds of risochki , scratch ( that is just what we need). All anything, You'll open the parquet lacquer. Then no need to finish sanding machine planetary. But in the case of oil - special situation. Oil on the floor is showing scratches, chipped. Especially colored oil, Draw a very bright here these scratches, that you leave on the floor during the grinding. So to the question of training under the parquet subsequent deposition oils, especially color, Please keep an seriously.

The next phase of our work on the preparation of parquet – polish.

Polishing we can do the same with orbital sanders. Polish using a grid with a grain number 120 above. It is the finishing stage of preparation for the application of the parquet oil. Still need to take a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and, Clean the surface well. Now your flooring is ready to spray colored oil Bring-Luxury PRO COLOR . All, we are here to recommend you a parquet , certainly not going to do on the stairs, furniture facades and other wooden stakes. For furniture, doors , facades simply by hand or by using a small grinders grind the grain to perform for 1 or twice , in this case the grain sandpaper will 180-320.

I wish you every success in the preparation of parquet and other surfaces for the application of oil and oil with hard wax.

White stain wood products.

White stain for toning wooden furniture, flooring and stairs.


Fashion trend in the construction and design of persistently direct you thinking to make flooring or walls, furniture in white. Great idea, goal is set, let us understand the possibilities to make the dream a reality. Just want to tell you, my dear readers, it would be just a generalized article about materials for “whitening”, which can be described in one word : white stain.

So the first and basic division (it will simply be a completely different system of woodworking) whether processed white products are in the interior or will it be street ( outer coating).

If we need to cover interior wood , in this case, there is a wide selection , depending on the desired effect , we want to get from the whitening of wood.

So, for example, task, to white painted wood time only , and themselves solid wood fibers retain their natural color , ever had any - any other color. This effect has selected wood in white color on the treated surface can be achieved with hard wax oil Trae Lyx Pro color Wit. Hardwax_white

( The link – more articles of different oils with wax on wood )

Just look at the photo. If the same product is applied to the surface of the wood, which was previously tinted water-stained wood, например Trae Lyx или CLOU, then the wood will have a color stain, and only the wood pores will be white.

Белая морилка : масло с твердым воском белое

Oil with white hard wax (white stain) . Ash

However, we must take into account, that treated wood must certainly have deep pores , pronounced relief wood structure. If the tree does not have the properties of nature, structure can make art (artificially) , mechanically, with special brushes to choose soft fibers.

Creating a white floor , various methods can be used to achieve a variety of results, so, nanensnii such as white oil with wax Trae Lyx turned a bleached floor:

белый лак для дерева и деревянного пола.

Floor (дерево ясень) покрыт белым маслом с воском Trae Lyx Wit.

Oil wax white and can be applied by machine:
















White water-borne wood stain.

If it is about, to white paint not only the pores, a plane full of wood , in that case can use white “aqueous” morilku , such Trae Lyx color stain white parquet number 2537. Of course, as there is a very large choice of stains.

Белая морилка для дерева Trae Lyx

White stain for wood water : Trae Luxury, Netherlands

More details Stain Trae Lyx will be discussed in another article. However, focus your attention on this fact, that the use of water stains included mandatory subsequent protective layers of lacquer , Oil , oil with hard wax or wax.

Oil with white wax.


Just one option whitening wood in the interior there is oil with a solid white wax, for example , Golden Wave . I want to clarify , that this product is based on centuries-old recipes of old Scandinavian tradition. In this embodiment, the product is applied 2 or 3 The product's , depends on the degree of whiteness and looking through the tree . Additionally, on a hard wax oil as an anchor layer did not need to put more. This product is finishing. More detail with the process technology, and photos can be found in the article "How to make a white floor". Also when using a white hard wax oil from Golden Wave can change the color of the wood previously with water stains Trae Lyx or CLOU , and then apply the oil with wax. However, you may achieve a certain effect of whitening your own unique timber.

White primer for wood.


The next version of the whitening of wood - use special primer Trae Lyx PROJECT SEALER 2K wit - insulating undercoat white parquet. The use of this white soil provides for the mandatory application of the two-component varnish Trae Lyx Project. Of this product is discussed in detail in this article "Nail flooring and stairs" . This combination of lacquer designed for those who appreciate high quality and reliability of finishing top coat for natural flooring and wooden stairs.

Natural wax white.

The next version of the whitening natural wood - use white wax Golden Wave. This product use for furniture , walls , Ceiling ,Beams , railings and other wooden surfaces , are not subject to high loads in the interior.

Golden Wave color white wax - is wax in turpentine, Portugal made of natural wax and special pigments. With this unique color white wax on untreated wood can quickly and easily create a subtle effect. For more on this we said in the article "Waxing colored wax".

White paste for aging wood.


Another option is a custom whitening wood , I think , What did you like. This kalkpasta. Creates the effect of a very old , whitened by time and the old tree. Used it for both internal,, and outdoor products. With respect to other materials for whitening wood kalkpasta applied for stairs , parquet , Furniture , windows , shutters , doors , homes , arbors, swings, etc.. More details about kalkpaste we said in the article "Furniture antique calc-paste".

If we need to finish for exterior wood effect whitening , then we can also consider the following options.

White stain on the basis of liquid wax.

Bleaching of wood with wax protective stain white Verfijn Steigerhout beits . Using this product , Do you feel , that go "back to nature" . Stayzherhaut stain white emphasizes the authentic look of natural wood , moreover , Stayzherhaut stain-defender has a gorgeous wood from sineniya and decay over time.

White paint for wood.


Whitening effect of wood are also, applying the coating and film-forming. Now this in more detail.

As a primer , which at the same time will have the status of a white stain , You can apply Sigmalayf VS-X. This is a protective stain alkyd based. When using the VS-X Sigmalayf treated wood for a long time to receive protection from the elements and UV. As a finishing coat on Sigmalayf VS-X can be applied as an acrylic blue acrylic Sigmalayf DS , and extremely high quality lacquer alkyd based Avis timberkoat. I draw your attention to a distinctive positive Sigmalayf VS-X. Wood , treated with this product may be a long time to be in the open air , outside in bad weather without finishing. And the wooden surface will not be harmed.

This is not a complete list of methods, using which you can create the effect of whitening wood. However, in his article, I use information on materials , I have personally tested and tested. If you have a task "as whiten the wood", I'd be happy , that my advice helped you at all 100 % .

Your consultant.

Oil for wood stairs

Oil for stairs

Let's talk about , how to determine the choice of natural wood varnish : Oil for stairs. Stair treads are subject to intense stress and so on the steps of coating wears away faster, than on the same landing, or just on the floor in the room. The main abrasive, that first scratch topcoat stair steps, and then sometimes just grind it to zero – this is the most common sand , we together with shoes is brought into the house.

Of course, the most powerful protective coating steps gives special varnish for stairs , we talked about this in another article of varnish stairs .

However, the task of finishing steps for stairs is oil or oil with wax . Lacquer coating is like a little cut eye, want something for the soul. Of course, because varnish creates a film, and the butter or oil - wax film does not create, wood remains as if no cover, however, protected against dirt and the sand and abrasion.

That is an objective truth, nature itself protects the native.

I understand you perfectly, because it is the product, coated with oil or wax looks like that noble breed, there is a sense of natural warmth from nature.

Oil for stairs or oil-wax?

The next step, we must decide, What are we going to use:

oil or a mixture “oil-wax” to tree?

Let's start from the reverse, what we want to get the result.

If it is about the maximum to protect the wood from getting wet, bugs and strengthen timber, in that case you have to use oil. Most oil penetrates deep into the wood, impregnates her and strengthens, it strengthens, as the oil solidifies in the wood. Oil, in turn, differ in their category in the depth of penetration into the wood. And the deeper oil stairs nestles, the greater the flow rate is obtained by 1 square meter of surface. So, например масло GOLDEN WAVE тиковое, Oil is the deep penetration, its consumption is 10 m. with 1 liters and this oil with natural properties can be used to protect, treatment and restoration of wooden terrace and garden furniture. Other oil, for example , TRAE-LYX PARKET OLIE parquet oil has different features and benefits, more this oil we said in the article "a pronounced effect of wood" ,

This oil has a wonderful property for rare oils 100 % solid component, that is, all the oil, you have put on the wooden surface and is absorbed into the tree, hardens and greatly strengthens the wooden surface. Even soft woods, treated in this oil, become hard. In this embodiment, the surface treatment of wood, it can be said, produce a "concrete" and at the same time extraordinarily beautiful , See all photos in the same article.

Natural oil for stairs:

If the task is, to the ladder after finishing oil or oil-wax to preserve the color of natural wood, can in this case be used safely GOLDENWAVE NATURELOLIE (Natural oil). This unsurpassed for its magnificent natural characteristics of the product remains the primary color of natural wood. Natural Oil Golden Veyf has in the additive polyurethane, thus creates a very resistant coating to wear and abrasion, what exactly is required for a foot of stairs. Just natural oil Golden Veyf posing on the machined surface finish light shine, there is a feeling, it lacquer surface, however, in reality it has film, see photos:

Дубовая лестница покрашена не лаком а маслом для дерева Golden Wave.

Balusters, oak staircase, natural oil Golden Wave.

Or here's another picture element of oak stairs, so coated with natural oil:

Ступени лестницы из дуба покрыты не лаком для лестницы а натуральным маслом с полиуретаном Golden Wave.

Oak steps are also not covered by lacquer and natural oil.

Just "natural oil" Golden Veyf has the distinctive feature of the brand's other oils, as they say: "Dries in a brush", it is completely without leaving absolutely no divorce, Borders , transitions, sagging, etc.. Shrouded in normal home or stair baluster natural oil Golden Veyf with a brush has the form, as if this item is painted in a super modern spray booth or using dip. Moreover, Natural oil Golden Veyf absolutely has no odor. When using this natural oil has a nuance, about which we should not forget. If you are not completely used oil from the jar, make sure that, to cap tightly closed jar. If the jar is closed tightly, the residual oil solidifies therein very quickly (possibly per day), because it is a natural oil Golden Veyf cured by exposure to light.

Look at photo, how perfectly preserves the natural color of the oak GOLDENWAVE NATUREL OLIE:

Для покраски лестницы из дуба выбрать не лак а масло для дерева и лестниц.

Oak staircase in a private house covered with natural oil durable Golden Wave Naturel Olie.

Butter with wax for stairs:

If the task is , Steps had to look and chic furniture polish , then you need to apply the oil with hard wax matte or satin . Hard wax in the product, in this case allows the surface to have a polished look. With hard wax oil is also frosted, for example, TRAE-LYX hard wax PRO MAT или бывает с блеском атласа ( satin), например TRAE-LYX hard wax SATIN. Look closely at the photo , where clearly visible difference in gloss.

масло для лестниц: Масло воск Трае Люкс сатин

With hard wax oil for wood flooring and stairs satin Trae Lyx

Слева сатиновое масло-справа матовое масло с воском TRAE LYX

From left to right, satin matte oil-wax oil TRAE LYX

With regard to surface maintenance , обработанной маслом или масло -воском , here you need to use the product TRAE-LYX «care oil- wax " . This wax , which is soluble in water . It is added 40-60 ml 6 liters of water. And this water just washed the floor , ladder , furniture. As a result, use of the product TRAE-LYX «care oil- wax "wooden surface oil or wax-updated , micro scratches disappear , because wax , dissolved in water to fill , In addition the surface acquires property "anti slip" , that is important for the stairs . The same surface becomes property of "anti slip" dirt.

I hope , that my article will help you choose the right oil is needed for you to stairs and you will have the best result !

The choice is yours, Your consultant.

Oil wax Trae Lyx for finishing wood.

Why wood- oil with wax Bring Luxury ?

The use of natural oil with wax Trae Lyx- it is the norm for your wooden floors and parquet.

Can be difficult to choose from the many offers exactly the material , that is to your liking. The reason is simple , You do not have information about the finest products , that are designed just for you , our dear lovers of wooden floors.

I will try to help you with the definition of the product selection .Масло с воском :Масло воск TRAE LYX Hard Wax PRO

Water stain for wood : parquet, Furniture

Stain Wood : as tint (starve) timber.

If your flooring or natural floor boards or furniture has a natural color, and you have a desire to change the existing shade , This can be done using color tinting, example CLOU or TRAE LYX-. Similar toning (changing the color of the wood) money is nothing, as mordant for wood.


Порошковая водоразбавляемая морилка для дерева

Stain Wood. Applying water stains CLOU, Germany.

Preparation of the tree to toning.

Timber should be no cover. If this is a new board , fine . If the tree has been previously handled something , then you need to completely remove the old paint to wood.

Before applying the stain sanded wood grain sandpaper number 180-230. During the 30 minutes after sanding wood has open pores , which closes again after half an hour , tree “breathing”.

Choosing Stains for wood: training.

We take, for example, powder, water-borne stain CLOU, the instructions prepared color solution ( by mixing the powder with hot water + two minutes to mix , stain is ready for use). Proshkurili wood along the grain . Wood surface to dampen some water ( sponge or cloth) , then along the grain proshkurit , take quality brush , for example “Oval brush bristles with Chinese” ,

Кисть овальная для морилки, масла с воском, мебельного лака

Brush Oval stain, oil wax, furniture polish

plot the stain with a brush on the wood along the grain abundantly,

You can watch the video :

how to work with their hands stained. 

Stain wood should be easy to go and exactly , no spots ( is the result of pre-moistened wood).

Морилка для дерева на водной основе.

Water stain on an oak.

If desired, after a certain time to pay a 2nd coat stain. CLOU stain mixed together . So , for example , You can get a trendy color “wenge stain” , by mixing stain CLOU 168 + морилка CLOU 174 in proportion 1:1 , Only the original color is wenge. If you like white shade, it is possible to apply the so-called “beluю morilku”( about this in another article).

Stain is very solidly composition , smallest grinding pigments , so if there is no toning spots , stain without difficulty through all channels and wood fibers, has the effect of , as if the wood in this color rose from nature , supposedly received the tone has a natural basis for proceeding.

In diluted form powder stain wood CLOU has a long shelf life , not damaged. Board , treated stain CLOU , after drying can be treated or painted , TRAE-LUX например или AVIS , but you can oil (Golden Veyf) or butter with hard wax ( Trae-Lux) , or just wax Golden Veyf.

Another article described in detail: how to apply

oil for parquet , or White Oil.

Any covering on the top of the tree or Stain CLOU морилке Trae Luxury will hold well with excellent adhesion.


Водная морилка для дерева Trae Ly

Water stain wood Trae Lyx


How to make a wooden white floor .

Butter with wax:


I'll tell you, as possible from the ordinary wooden floor or parquet get the perfect trendy white floor, finished color white oil with hard wax.

Деревянный сосновый белый пол .

White pine floor is covered with a hard wax oil white Golden Wave.


Wood surface should be covered with no, or varnish, no ground, not impregnated , t. it is. should be an unprocessed. But