Oil for wood stairs

For painting the stairs of oak choose not to paint and oil wood stairs.

Oil for stairs

Let's talk about , how to determine the choice of natural wood varnish : Oil for stairs. Ступени лестниц подвержены интенсивной нагрузке. И поэтому покрытие на ступенях истирается быстрее, than on the same landing, or just on the floor in the room. The main abrasive, that first scratch topcoat stair steps, and then sometimes just grind it to zero – this is the most common sand , we together with shoes is brought into the house.

Of course, the most powerful protective coating steps gives special varnish for stairs , we talked about this in another article of varnish stairs .

However, the task of finishing steps for stairs is oil or oil with wax.

Lacquer coating is like a little cut eye, want something for the soul. Читать статью полностью

Лак для паркета и лестницы.

Acrylic lacquer for wood flooring and stairs

Лаковые материалы для покраски лестниц.

Wooden stair treads most susceptible intensive load. Именно в этом лестницы быстрее всего теряют первичный внешний вид уже через несколько лет эксплуатации. Есть несколько вариантов как лакировать ступени лестницы, чтобы длительное время не задумываться о ремонте или реставрации финишного слоя лестничных маршей либо других изделий из дерева с повышенной эксплуатацией.

Consider the option number 1 . This is more appropriate for those owners of multi-storey apartment, which prefer a varnish coating,,ru,both previously processed,,ru. We will use the систему Trae-Luxury , consisting of at least three layers of coating.

Акриловый лак для паркета и лестниц

Easy for ladders on the water poliuretanovoj basis Trae Lyx Projectlack

Wooden stairs can be either from a new timber, так и ранее обработанные.

Если ступени имеют старую краску, тогда ее необходимо ошкурить, remove as much as possible. Grind the wood along the grain is always necessary( Читать статью полностью

Oil wax Trae Lyx for finishing wood.

Parquet oil with hard wax matte Trae Lyx

Why wood- oil wax Trae Lyx ?

 The use of natural oil with wax Trae Lyx- it is the norm for your wooden floors and parquet.

Can be difficult to choose from the many offers exactly the material, that is to your liking. The reason is simple,  You do not have information about the finest products, that are designed just for you, our dear lovers of wooden floors.

I will try to help you with the definition of the product selection .Масло с воском :Масло воск TRAE LYX Hard Wax PRO

A collection of oils with wax Trae Suite is in the arsenal of a range of natural products, able to satisfy the requirements of the most scrupulous buyers.

Преимущества масла с воском Trae Lyx:

  • absolutely safe maslovosk, that is the main focus and the first in favor of the material;
  • easy to operate, not need to have special skills, simply follow my instructions;
  • result-wood protection, who does not hide, and, conversely,
Читать статью полностью

Минеральное масло для паркета с эффектом выделенной структуры древесины

Oil is applied to the parquet wooden floor in an apartment with the help of a polishing machine or manually.

Паркетное масло на минеральной основе для пола, лестниц и мебели из дерева

Понятие паркетного масла для паркета очень объёмное, давайте рассмотрим этот вопрос и определим для себя подходящее решение. Паркетные полы очень популярное решение в нашем доме. Древесина сочетается с самыми резнообразными интерьерами и может дополнить и украсить любой стиль жилого помещения. Конечно деревянные полы нуждаются в защите. Мы по ним ходим-соответственно таая защита должна обладать стойкостью к износу. Кроме того такой пол обладает стойкостью к различным загрязнениям, толи от обуви, или от возможно пролитого чая. Material,котрым покрывают или пропитывают древесину обычно обладает устойчивостью к мытью с очищающими средствами. На сегодня различают два основных вида покрытий для паркета. Стандартное и всем давно известное решение нанести на паркетный пол слой лака. Это так называемое “пленочное покрытие”. Читать статью полностью

Training (grinding) деревянного паркета под нанесение масла и воска.

grinding and preparation of wooden parquet under the oil

Подготовка деревянной поверхности для нанесения масла и воска.

The oil should be applied to previously untreated wood.  All kinds of impregnation, Primer, varnishes closed pores of the wood and create a layer of film, which does not penetrate through the oil timber and permeates.  If you want to change the color of the wood and then applying oil, это можно сделать при помощи морилки CLOU или Trae Lyx. Clow stain or Trae Suite only change the color of the wood and do not create a protective film, allowing color is applied to any wood oil, wax or polish.  Let's take each question will be taken up sequentially.

Pre-sanding the floor.

            Any surface before applying oil for wood be sure to grind. The surface must be sanded with the grain. Sanding wood across the grain is not welcome. Sanding could scratch. If you shlifuete along the grain, приобретенные Читать статью полностью

Painting a wooden house.

Varnish for wood

Painted wooden house outside.

         Let's talk about the actual question, "How to paint a wooden house".

Here there are different options for the future. Suppose , Your wooden house that had previously been painted and has the remains of the old coating.

            The first, it is necessary to find out in this situation - is to identify or remember the type and the basis of the old coating.

            Here's the thing, If the old coating is water-based , then as the restoration of paint can only be used paints and water-based paints. If the old surface water foundation you apply paint or alkyd based paint ( solvent the product is white spirit), will be a conflict of layers, ie. the top layer of alkyd varnish or paint will not stick to the old base water. Если же Вы все-таки хотите обработать Читать статью полностью

How to paint a wooden floor in a private house

Floor in a private home is not easy to paint and varnish colored oil with hard wax Golden Wave /

Чем to paint a wooden floorin a private home.

Let's, talk on the subject, What are all the same and how to paint a wooden floor?     Varnish or wax, or oil-wax?

Suppose, в Вашем доме изготовлены полы из натуральной доски пола из сосны или дуба.

This is an old board, which was covered by some type of enamel or lacquer PF, but the cover eventually fell into disrepair, It has worn appearance and the coating rubbed places to wood. Just thinking, that the old wooden floor only once painted brown paint shivers run down the spine. A completely change the floor board to the new is not comparable to your financial plans, по крайней мере на сегодня.

Do not panic, there is a great option for your case.

Варианты покраски деревянного пола.

Теперь давайте поподробнее на этом месте Читать статью полностью

A fence made of wood : How to paint a wooden fence?

Paint for fences Bruinoleum


A fence made of wood, treatment for long-term protection of the wooden fence.


Good and reliable paint a fence made of wood is not difficult. But, if you do it yourself, you need to spend a lot of time, the work is monotonous, but it should be done.

Покрасить забор деревянный маслом для дерева Bruinoleum.

A fence made of wood : oak :Brown oil : Bruinoleum

            Here's what you need to have, wooden fence to look beautiful:

  1. high quality coating for exterior wood,
  2. high quality brush size 4
  3. good quality brush (size 1 or angular / edged brush
  4. broom
  5. fabric
  6. gloves
  7. rubber gloves
  8. warm water

Painted wooden fence must be done before, when it is installed. Although some, and it happens very often, paint the fence after its installation. Best to handle all the details in advance, naturally, if you plan to install a new fence, rather than updating old. Обрабатываем Читать статью полностью

How to handle the wooden poles for the fence.

Pillars under the fence

Than treated wood poles for the fence.


         What still treated wooden poles for the fence?

If you want to do with their hands wooden fence, to reliably, the tree is not rotten and had a long life. In addition, there is no desire to engage in every couple of years restoring the wooden fence. And it is in fact an urgent question.

Then we you have to talk about.

Wooden poles, to be a support for the sections of the fence, especially before installing process. In fact, the entire wooden pole can be divided into two parts, to be processed by different protective materials. The part of the column, which will be fixed in the ground, that is located below ground level,   most susceptible to the adverse effects of moisture and soil. Фактически древесина имеет постоянный контакт с землей и всегда находиться в увлажненном состоянии Читать статью полностью

New antique furniture in your cozy home.

Furniture in the style of Provence

Antique furniture: A new look at the aging of the furniture.


If you have old wooden furniture, which has lost its last appearance, but it is you the way and you do not want to throw it, in such a case, you can update it with their own hands, independently and without the large financial costs, and you have a new antique furniture!


Let's talk about, as much as possible of the old wooden furniture manufacture new old furniture in old French sile.Eto is not difficult. Небходимо только Ваше желание и понимание- как бы Вам хотелось, чтобы по новому выглядела состаренная мебель.

Состаренная мебель кальк-паста белая на фасаде кухни

Состаренная мебель кухни в стиле “Прованс”


Suppose, you have an old wooden cabinet, или может быть комод, you do not want to throw it away and you just decided to change the design inside your home or room. И Читать статью полностью

Natural wax wood color: Golden Wave.

Natural color solid wood wax

Natural wax for wood Golden Wave.

Photos applied colored wax.

Photographs on the proposed color wax is applied to the pine timber.

Waxes for wood most often used to decorate various wooden interior elements. This may be carrying or decorative wooden beams, Hem (lining ) Ceiling, wood walls or partitions, doors, and other miscellaneous furniture in interior. Waxes are rarely used for the treatment of wooden floors or stairs. This is because , that the wax has a lower resistance to wear in comparison with oils such as wood or parquet lacquers. In order, the wax was easier to put it in a small amount of pre-added turpentine. After curing, the wax coating hardens, is not afraid of water and wet cleaning. Such a non-stick coating no pollution. Протирают восковые покрытия обычной Читать статью полностью

Paint from the cracks in the house

elastic exterior paint against cracking

Flexible paint:

seal cracks in the house.

            Gee, complete renovation of the house or apartment. After 1,5 – 2 Suddenly a month on the new ceiling or the facade cracks, in some places in the form of a spider web, and some very large, more 10 mm. Ну не делать же снова ремонт помещений дома, which was so hard to finish.

            Let's find out, in minimal time and with minimal costs to eliminate unforeseen trouble in the form of cracks appeared on the walls of the house.

            Let's start with a small. Cracks appeared in the form of web. Immediately be ready to, that this wall will have to repaint. It is possible in this case to use to finish the restoration work the same paint, which was used in the repair process, if you're happy. But until we get to the finish line, предлагаю Вам Читать статью полностью

White stain wood products.

White oil with hard wax

Морилка белая для тонирования деревяной мебели, flooring and stairs.

Тенденции современной моды в строительстве и дизайне настойчиво направляют на мысли оформить паркет, стены ли мебель в белом цвете. Great idea, goal is set, давайте разберемся в возможностях воплощения мечты в реальность. Хочу сообщить Вам, my dear readers, что это статья о белых морилках для “выбеливания изделий из дерева”.

Первое и основное разделение (it will simply be a completely different system of woodworking) whether processed white products are in the interior or will it be street (outer coating).
If we need to cover interior wood, in this case, there is a wide selection, depending on the desired effect, который мы хотим получить от беления древесины.
So, for example, task, to white painted wood time only, а сами твердые древесные Читать статью полностью

Choosing Stains.

Water stain Trae Lyx

 Mordant, the right choice.

Let's talk about Stain. What it is, what is used and how to determine desired stain in the case.

            Stain - is tinted liquid, with which you can change the natural color of wood, Furniture, Plywood, MDF, Fiberboard and particleboard. The people are called stain stain. Very popular today White Stains and morilki under flower Dere venge.

            Stains are internal ( for interior use ) and external ( for outdoor use). Exterior stains are composed of pigment, which is not exposed to UV light, that is not "fade" in the sun. This is in contrast.

Mordant for wood the composition can be classified :

  • waterborne;
  • alcohol;
  • Nitro;
  • on solvents;
  • oil-based;
  • on a wax-based;

Just stains can be divided into 2 of Читать статью полностью

Water stain for wood : parquet, Furniture

Stain for wood, water-based.

Stain Wood: as tint (starve) timber.

If your flooring or natural floor boards or furniture has a natural color, and you have a desire to change the existing shade, This can be done using color tinting, e.g. CLOU or TRAE-LYX. such toners (changing the color of the wood) money is nothing, as mordant for wood.


Порошковая водоразбавляемая морилка для дерева

Stain Wood. Applying water stains CLOU, Germany.

Preparation of the tree to toning.

The wood must be uncoated. If a new board, fine. If the tree has been previously handled something, then you need to remove the old coating completely to wood.

Before applying the stain sanded wood grain sandpaper number 180-230. During the 30 minutes after sanding wood has open pores, которые через полчаса снова закроются, tree “breathing”.

Выбор морилки для дерева: training.

We take, for example, порошковую водоразбавляемую морилку Читать статью полностью

How to make a wooden white floor .

Pine floorboards covered with white butter Golden Wave

  Butter with wax: WHITE WOODEN FLOOR.

  I'll tell you, as possible from the ordinary wooden floor or parquet get the perfect trendy white floor, finished color white oil with hard wax.

Деревянный сосновый белый пол .

White pine floor is covered with a hard wax oil white Golden Wave.


Wood surface should be covered with no, or varnish, no ground, not impregnated, t. e. must be untreated. Однаконеобходимо, board was to grind the grain sandpaper number 120. It is desirable to produce a grinding work before applying the product to our future white floor, as she opens the pores of the grinding timber for a period of about 30 minute, After this time, the pores close again ( because wood – living).

Beginning to make white floor:

   ColourWhite Oil, put on the wood with open pores, производит неизгладимое впечатление Читать статью полностью

Aging wood: Colored wax waxing

Aging wood: Colored wax waxing.


Вощение древесины своими руками

Waxing wood colored wax Golden Wave

Вощение древесины : Цветной воск GOLDEN WAVE шоколадный

Waxing wood chocolate wax Golden Wave




To achieve the effect of aging of the tree, you can use a natural wax, so-called waxing.

Natural wax is already colored and clear. By itself, in its natural form, this material is sufficiently hard and fusible. For, чтобы естественные свойства, ему присущие не отражались на эксплуатационных характеристиках мебели, производитель добавляет скипидар и воски карнаубы и канделиллы. Скипидар позволяет сделать размягченное состояние и тогда с воском легко работать. Воск карнаубы является тугоплавким (свыше +70 С) и минимизирует легкоплавкость натурального пчелинного воска. Таким примером изготовления натурального воска для мебели из смеси материалов: пчелинный + карнаубский + candelilla can safely assume that the product for waxing furniture, изготовленный в Нидерландах торговой марки «Golden Читать статью полностью

Paint house – wild-log

How to paint a wooden house – Wild frame.

If you built a wooden house from a wild timber, pay more attention to the choice of protective coating timber. The fact, that not all materials, which can be treated wooden house from glued beams of logs or can be used for the treatment of wild-log.
So laminated veneer lumber and bale are relatively smooth and flat surface. Wild frame , unlike , has several "ragged" surface.

wild felling tree oil applied to wood trae lyx
If laminated timber is acceptable and bale handle both film-forming coating (paint, polish) , a wild frame is desirable to process only such a coating, which does not form a film, that is oil for outdoor wood, Impregnating wood ( gidrofoʙizatorom).
Let's take a closer look at the issue, why wild frame is not desirable to paint varnish, paint or azure. Ответ простой – этот тип покрытий Читать статью полностью

New furniture in antique white calc-paste

Oak furniture antique white Calculator paste Golden Veyf , AVIS easy timberkoat

Antique wooden furniture with calc-paste.


When the goal is make old furniture or walls (floor), if we have new furniture, and we want, To get the antique furniture, we can in this case to consider several options

Oak furniture antique white Calculator pastoyGolden Veyf , AVIS easy timberkoat

grow old oak table with calc-paste Golden Wave.

ПЕРВЫЙ вариант –

Bleached antique furniture Calculator paste.

Earlier, в древние времена известкование мебели и напольных покрытий считалось традиционным. Через некоторое время известь отслаивалась и стиралась от части деревянной поверхности и оставалась только в порах дерева. Such an effect of aging

 (liming) Wood can be repeated using the product Golden Veyf "kalkpasta".   To work, you can use only pure, previously untreated wood. It is very important, the pores were open timber, kalkpasta delayed because the pores.

The paper «тонировка древесины » we talked, что поры в древесине Читать статью полностью

Artificial aging of wood calc-paste.

aged wood material Kalkpasta Golden Veyf

старение древесины : материал Калькпаста Голден Вейф

Artificial aging of wood.

 Using kalkpasty can also be played on wood antique wood effect: artificial aging of wood, to wooden furniture did not look very shabby.

For work, we need such materials: tinted stain ( mordant)

TRAE SUITE desired hue or CLOU, calc-paste Golden Veyf,  waterborne paint, such as Avis Aqua PU diamond (varnish should be with high-gloss), AVIS timberkoat transparent lacquer

 (satin or brilliant - it's up to you) for finishing.

Accordingly, you must also make a brush for application materials and sandpaper grain number 280-320. What is necessary to use the brush, I told you in detail in the article about toning timber.

Can perform the task.

The first step is to open the pores of the wood ( See the article on toning tree) , inflict tinted stain ( все написано в Читать статью полностью

Тиковое масло для деревянной террасы.

Teak oil for terraces

Teak oil for terraces and furniture.

Is an excellent product,ru,  made on the basis of natural oils. Natural base oil teak nourishes and protects the wood from the weather and returns its original timber warm color.

After the application of the top layer of oil on the teak terrace furniture or finished surface acquires a long time water-repellent layer.

Тиковое масло для террасы

Teak oil : Golden Wave Teak Oil

After the application of the top layer of oil on the teak terrace furniture or finished surface acquires a long time water-repellent layer.

Teak oil is perfect for wooden terrace.

Since the terrace or have a wooden deck flooring horizontal, so moisture, enrolled in this timber is delayed longer inside, than wood, arranged vertically. And so it is the terrace need stronger protection.

Such effective properties just have,ru Читать статью полностью

Deep-repellent for mineral surfaces.

concrete water repellent, brick and natural stone

Siloxane repellent for mineral surfaces.

 Let's talk on the subject of impregnating materials with the name of repellent, that is, the protection of the surface of the wet and dirt .

Actually “water-repellency treatment” this is a very topical issue, especially for mineral surfaces, such as concrete, brick, natural and artificial stone, ceramic tiles,gypsum , lime plaster, etc. e.

Any mineral surface absorbs moisture ( from the front surface, ends,  pointing through the seams. И даже затирка для швов, whatever it was fashionable, all - equal to all 100 % It does not protect the surface from moisture penetration. Usually, mainly moisture and penetrates the grout for joints. What happens next, I'd rather you would not talk about it, look at the picture.


Do not, sooner or later, but it is the inevitable result of, Читать статью полностью

Remove white efflorescence on the obverse brick.

brick impregnation

Remove white efflorescence from the brick.

After the rains may appear white lime stains, efflorescence on the obverse brick, natural stone and concrete.

Efflorescence should not be left in such a. If efflorescence does not wash, then there will be destruction of the surface, bricks will break away and break.

Убрать высолы с кирпича: смывка высолов

Concentrated liquid helps to remove efflorescence from the facade.

this means – Concentrate must be diluted with water in a ratio of up 1: 10 water. Thinning define yourself, depending on the degree of contamination of the surface.

After the elimination of the surface to be processed efflorescence hydrophobisator ( impregnation for stone and brick) , to efflorescence effect it happening again. As a very reliable repellent You can apply the product from the same manufacturer AVIS Gevelimpregniir,


Гидрофобизатор, предотвращающий высолы на фасаде дома.

Пропитка для кирпича и камня- water-repellent agent.

which provides warranty “do not get wet” фасадных облицовочных материалов обработанной очищенной поверхности до Читать статью полностью

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